Meet the copywriter’s secret weapon (it’s going to be your new best friend).


Because with this little baby in your pocket, there’s no more writing from scratch/ staring at that flashing cursor wondering what on earth to say/ spending hours crafting the perfect post which NOBODY’S actually gonna read.

In this episode of The Content Download, I’m going to be introducing you to the expert secret to writing better content faster; the little known tool that every writer uses – the writing formula. Give it a listen.

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If writing copy for your business takes FOREVER; a blank post gives you screen-fright and your amazing value-driven content is getting nothing but crickets…. It’s time you met your new business bestie. Its the copywriter’s secret weapon and with this little baby in your pocket, there’s no more writing from scratch/ staring at that flashing cursor wondering what on earth to say/ or spending hours crafting the perfect post which NOBODY reads or engages with. Welcome to Episode 24 of The Content Download The expert secret to writing better content faster.


So for starters, let’s bust a myth: you don’t have to be an amazing writer to write good copy. And an English  A level or a thesaurus isn’t going to give you much edge either.

But I tell you what does. Writing formulas. And no it’s not cheating because writing formulas are used by professional writers across every single corner of the industry from marketers to journalists to novelists and in today’s episode I’m going to share with you a really simple formula that you can start using today to promote anything you currently have on offer to your audience. It’s so simple, and it’s designed to get attention, and move the reader to action.

But before we dive into that, let me just explain little bit more about writing formulas and why they are going to absolutely transform your relationship with your content marketing.

Because the truth is you should never have to write from scratch. 

And if that’s what you are doing it’s no wonder you find content creation hard and time consuming and overwhelming, and possibly not very effective either.

Because your content can be packed with value, but if you don’t structure and present it in a way that gets attention, draws people in, and makes it easy to understand what you’re communicating, so often that content you’ve spent ages over falls on deaf ears.

Or maybe your problem is that you just can’t get started. You spend ages staring at a blank google doc or in a type-tweak-delete groundhog day, and if that’s you,you’re probably wondering how you can ever churn out powerful content day in day out, or even week in, week out to market your business because it takes so long and is so draining.

That is where a writing formula can transform it all.

Because the truth is, if you want to become a prolific creator of powerful content that converts – and don’t want to spend hours over it because you have more important things to do like serving your clients and growing your business, you need to know about copywriting formulas.

Because even professional writers never write from scratch, and the ones that think they do (and I was one of them actually) are just intuitively using the same tried and tested techniques that they’ve used and read so many times that they’re doing them without thinking. 

And the reason that writers naturally write in formulas even when they don’t realise they’re doing it, is that formulas work. 

And bad copy or copy that doesn’t quite hit the spot, is what happens when you don’t know these formulas.

Now there are 100s of copywriting formulas out there, probably 1000s in fact, but luckily, as an entrepreneur DIYing your copy, you only need a handful of really powerful ones, to cover all your content needs – from social media posts and emails, to feature articles and speeches, even to writing an eBook.

So what is a formula? 

A formula is basically a step by step prompt that helps you craft copy in the most powerful way. 

Now inside Fearless Content my membership I teach all about copywriting formulas and the ones you need to cover every eventuality in your content and marketing, and they range from straight forward formulas designed to lead people immediately to some kind of offer, to formulas that can be used as a means of sharing value in a compelling and engaging, and entertaining way (and which moves your audience to action).

I’m going to share with you today a really simple formula that you can start using today.

It’s called the 1234 Formula, quite simply because it has just 4 simple steps to it.

It’s great for say a social media post where you’re promoting a freebie or new low cost offer. It’s easy to remember, really straight forward, and is a really clear way to get traffic moving towards your offers and freebies.

So here’s how it goes.

1. I’ve got this amazing thing for you

This is the overview of your offer, and you want to really succinctly explain:

What is it?

What does it do?

Who’s it for?

And for a Brucey bonus, if you can include the A to B transformation that will be super powerful here as well.

2. This is what it’s going to do for you

This is where you wax lyrical about the BENEFITS of what you have to offer. Remember it’s always benefits that they care about first not the features. 

Right now they don’t care that it’s a 12-week intensive diet and fitness plan – they care that they’ll be able to run a marathon at the end of it.

You can then do a little circle back to step one and explain a few of the features, because ones they know you’re offering they thing they desire, they will want to know how it’s delivered.

3. This is who I am

They also don’t care who you are until they know what you can do for them, but once they are intrigued enough about what you have to offer, that when they need to know that you’re credible and trustworthy… so this is where you introduce yourself and explain why you’re the one they want to get this offer from.

4. Here’s what to do if you want it

Yep, it’s the CTA. And it’s amazing how often people forget to do this. Or hide it in a bunch of text so nobody sees it. So this is where you state clearly what they need to do to get it!

Remember: really specific and directional. Click here, go to the link in my bio etc!

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