Without the lovely lady that I’m chatting to in this episode of the podcast, this podcast probably wouldn’t exist – or if it did, you’d probably not know about it because I’d have found a way to hide and sabotage it.


I met Claire Brett, who’s a hypnotherapist, transformational coach and trainer of healing modalities, a couple of years ago when we were in the same mastermind, and she’s not only a gorgeous soul, but a powerful hypnotherapist and coach who really helped me step into my truth and be the person I really want to be in the world. When we met, I’d seen some success, but I’d hit a real ceiling in my business. I had all the tools, all the strategy but I just couldn’t quite break through to the next level and it was so frustrating. 


At the time, I thought my problem was  money blocks and fear of sales, but after just one session with Claire, I had the groundbreaking epiphany that my real problem was that I was hiding, and working with Claire helped me to finally get truly visible, transform my message and my own understanding about how we as online entrepreneurs keep ourselves hidden rather than unapologetically speaking our truth. And that’s why Claire was one of the first guest experts I ever brought into Fearless Content because I know how powerful her work is in helping you to stop hiding and speak your truth.


As Claire says if your mindset work isn’t working, it’s time to go deeper, and that is exactly what we’re talking about next. Welcome to episode 25 of TCD, The Real Reason You Can’t Find Your Voice with Claire Brett.


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