If you’ve ever read any of her books, Code Red, Love Your Lady Landscape or Witch, you’ll know that when it comes to courageously sharing your message, Lisa Lister is the poster girl.

I was so excited to have Lisa on the show because what I actually failed to tell her at the time in the excitement of actually talking to her, is that it was her books that inspired so much of what I do in my business. In one of her books, Witch she talks about The Witch Wound, something I’d never heard about before. The Witch wound is essentially the idea that the reason so many women struggle to find their voice is that in the past speaking out could be fatal for a woman and we therefore have a cell-deep inherited fear of finding our voice. I can’t tell you how deeply that resonated with me, and how much that affirmed what my mission my why is all about. Because I truly believe that when you’re able to fully express your truth in words whether that’s spoken or in writing (which is my preferred way of doing it) it’s only then that you can live authentically.

That’s why I do the work I do help women coaches, creatives and light workers share their stories, communicate their ideas and unravel their true message, because I feel so strongly that the as the Dalai Llama says the western woman will change the world. And they quite simply can’t do that if their voice feels  held back or silenced. So, that’s why I was so excited to have Lisa on this episode and why it’s so appropriate that she is featuring on the season finale. The conversation was delicious – I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.



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