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For soul-led content creators who want to write books, blogs and newsletters with a heartbeat.

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You’re a creative, a visionary, a changemaker, and you want to share your words with the world…

You want to write life-enriching books, guides and courses, to build a heart-led mini media empire fuelled by your knowledge, ideas and creativity. You want to be part of the revolution that is the creator economy and turn your ideas into revenue streams – one day, anyway. Because right now, you don’t know where to start.

How do you find your voice? How do you become a better writer? How do you turn your ideas into products and content? And how do you stay motivated and inspired?  

Succeeding as a writer and creator is really about two things. Creating and writing great stuff. And keeping on creating and writing great stuff. That means through the noise and the crickets, the self-doubt, procrastination and sabotage, you keep going. But I know, that can be hard, which is why I created The Luminous, to help you turn that ‘one day’ into day one.

You can get the Cliff’s Notes on how I went from magazine journalist to writer, author and course creator here, or keep on scrolling for our best resources for writers.

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Book Coaching with Cate

If you’re writing a book and want a little more focused support on your book journey, I offer 3, 6 and 9 month mentoring packages. These packages can be tailored to exactly what you need – guidance and mentoring on structure and style; co-writing sessions to help you get the words flowing, plus constructive feedback on what you write. If you’d like to find out more about how to work with me, get in touch and tell me about your project.



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Create Dot Ink  is the membership for visionaries and creatives who want to write more books, guides, blogs and courses, to create their own mini media empire! Get support, creative inspiration and training to help you up-level your writing skills, and get your projects finished. Features include a monthly Q&A call where you can get get your questions answered, plus full access to my content marketing training catalogue, Fearless Content with more than 15 content marketing masterclasses covering everything from funnels and affiliate market to podcasting and article writing. You’ll also get full access to my mini copywriting course, Copy Class to help you write your site and marketing content.


Soul Works

You’ve got a good idea but how do you take it from idea to finished book? And how do you write it in a way that feels engaging and personal, so the reader actually makes it to the end? Soul Works breaks the book writing process down into a simple, easy to follow journey, taking you from concept and first draft, through to self-editing and publishing options. You’ll also get access to Soul Story, my complete storytelling course, so you can unearth your story goldmine and use your personal experiences to bring your ideas to life and create a deeper connection with your reader. 

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How to Tell Your Story


Use the power of your personal stories to share your message with the world

Coming in Autumn 2022

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Soul Works Atelier – The space to write your world-changing book.!

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You’re an entrepreneur who’s ready to stop playing small, to climb outside the box and step into the fullest expression of you; and The Content Download is your weekly dose of inspiration to help you share your soul work with the world.

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