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I work with established and highly successful coaches, experts and thought leaders ready to skyrocket their authority by writing and publishing THE book and Book Funnel that opens new doors and creates exciting opportunities.

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James Clear needed one book, Mel Robbins needed one book, Carrie Green needed one book… 

One book can take you from competing with everybody, to being the number one in your niche.

I’m Cate, author, ghost writer, editor, book coach and founder of The Luminous Press, and as a former magazine journalist turned book editor and coach for non-fiction authors, I’m obsessed with helping authors write the books that create the impact they truly desire in the world and on their career. 

Whether you want us to do it with you, or you want us to do it for you, we’ve got you covered through my Authors Dot Ink program and our author services at The Luminous Press.

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The 12-Week Group Book Coaching Program with 8-Week Mastermind, helps you write and publish your non-fiction or self-help book and build the book funnel that turns dream readers into soulmate clients. 

Turn your knowledge into a brand-building business book. Includes in-depth self-study modules, fortnightly calls for questions, feedback and hot-seating, an invitation to a monthly writing club, plus the opportunity to upgrade to 1:1 support.

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Authors Dot Ink

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Book Breakthrough

A powerful book coaching taster package, which will help you plan out your book and strategy in just 90 minutes.

Book strategy is not a marketing plan, it’s baked into the book you write. In this session you’ll get clear on the book you need to write to blow up your business,  and you’ll walk away with a bespoke blueprint/ outline, to help you write a book that will sky-rocket your authority, and turn those dream readers into dream clients and customers.

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1:1 Book Coaching

Regular private book coaching calls, co-writing sessions, page reviews, open access to Cate and over-arching book project support straight from the planning stage through to publication.

I work with established and highly successful coaches, experts and thought leaders who are motivated to become authors, take consistent action, and have a clear deadline for getting their book finished – usually within a 6-12 month time frame. If you’re ready to write a book with strategy and soul, which sky-rockets your authority and drives readers towards your signature offer through a  powerful book funnel, and want my personal support, book a chat and let’s see if we’re a good fit.


Private Mentoring

Soul Story

How to Tell Stories that Call in Your Soul Tribe

You’ve got a story to tell… In fact, you’ve got stories.

Story captivates; story impacts, story sells. But you don’t want to just move your audience to action – you want to really move them, heart and soul. The problem is, you’re so busy hiding behindyour expertise you’ve become visiblebut vanilla. It’s time to awaken your inner storyteller, unearth your story goldmine, and use the power of your personal experience to share your message with the world.

You do a lot of talking about writing. Thinking about writing. Learning about writing…

but never actually get around to doing any writing.

You’re not alone, that’s why we created Write Club – your friendly kick up the bum to live out your writing dreams now, with weekly writing sessions to keep you accountable. Write Club will be returning soon. Get on the wait list to stay updated.

Need Some Inspo?

You want to write the book, but need some ideas, inspiration and motivation to help you write THE book. Every week on the Authors Dot Ink Podcast Cate shares bite-sized workshop style trainings and inspiring conversations with expert authors who’ve already turned their knowledge into books that have skyrocketed their authority and blown up their brands.

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