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to coaches, visionaries & entrepreneurs who want to write soul-led, story-driven, authority-building books, blogs and articles that call in their soul tribe

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You want to turn your knowledge & expertise into content that calls in  your Soul Tribe;

to create evergreen content and new revenue streams so your words and ideas can be working and serving even when you can’t be live inside your business. But you also want to build a legacy, lead from the heart and reach more people with your soul work. You want to create content with a heartbeat.

But that’s mind-boggling. How do you write all that content in a way that feels easy and flows, but is also engaging and gives value? How do you create it in a way that feels organised, efficient and productive – and leaves time for your real work?  And most importantly, how do you sound like you (not stilted, scripted or… sleazy)? 

I’m Cate, and this is exactly what I teach at The Luminous. We help coaches, visionaries and entrepreneurs find their voice and use their words to help, heal and guide their soul tribe by creating books, blogs, articles and courses (without the muddle & overwhelm).

You can read about my journey from magazine journalist to content creator & guide or scroll down for our best resources for heart-led content creators.

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Book Coaching with Cate

If you’re writing a book and want a little more focused support on your book journey, I offer 3, 6 and 9 month mentoring packages. These packages can be tailored to exactly what you need – guidance and mentoring on structure and style; co-writing sessions to help you get the words flowing, plus constructive feedback on what you write. If you’d like to find out more about how to work with me, get in touch and tell me about your project.



The Membership

Create Dot Ink: content skills and strategy for heart-led coaches and entrepreneurs

Create Dot Ink  is the membership for coaches, visionaries and creatives who want to write more books, guides, blogs and courses, to call in their soul tribe, create new revenue streams and become known for what they do. Get support, creative inspiration and training to help you up-level your writing skills, and get your projects finished. Features include a monthly Q&A call where you can get get your questions answered, plus full access to my content marketing training catalogue, Fearless Content with more than 15 content marketing masterclasses covering everything from funnels and affiliate market to podcasting and article writing. You’ll also get full access to my mini copywriting course, Copy Class to help you write your site and marketing content.


The copywriting crash course that helps you make more sales & gets your dream customers stuck on you like Velcro

Call in Your (Ready-to-Buy) Soul Tribe!

When your content’s got crickets; your newsletter = tumbleweed and your website’s constantly in draft mode, Copy Class helps you move your business forward using the most profitable skill an entrepreneur can have – words that work. Exclusively available to members of Create Dot Ink.

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Soul Story

Use the power of your personal stories to share your message with the world

The full storytelling course for heart-led coaches, creatives and entrepreneurs


You do a lot of talking about writing. Thinking about writing. Learning about writing…

but never actually get around to doing any writing.

You’re not alone, that’s why we created Write Club – your friendly kick up the bum to live out your writing dreams now, with weekly writing sessions to keep you accountable.

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You’re an entrepreneur who’s ready to stop playing small, to climb outside the box and step into the fullest expression of you; and The Content Download is your weekly dose of inspiration to help you share your soul work with the world.

Press play now, for a blend of bite-sized workshop style trainings and inspiring conversations all about communication, writing, content-creation, storytelling, getting visible and sharing your message with the world.

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