Hello Creator!

(Because if you’re a coach, visionary or heart-led entrepreneur who dreams of turning their wisdom and expertise into books, blogs, newsletters, courses and even magazines that call in your soul tribe, you are a creator), or with my help, you could be….

Back in 2011, I also had a dream to turn my knowledge and expertise into a heart-led, content-driven brand. Fast-forward a decade, and I’m an indie author, course creator, blogger and podcaster, with a beautiful, ever-growing community of content creators (including coaches, healers, teachers, creatives) using my teachings to reach more people with their soul work.  I believe the key to great content is content with a heartbeat that leads from the heart and is a true expression of you. But as an ex-magazine girl, I know you also need the practical stuff, like the writing and project planning skills to get your ideas created and shared. That’s why I founded The Luminous, to help you build a legacy of evergreen content through books, blogs, articles and newsletters.

I use my 20+ years experience in writing & journalism to help you create content that calls in your

Soul Tribe

I work in a couple of ways:

  • Help newer voices step into their truest expression in their written content, and build a portfolio of dynamic, powerful, soul-driven content which attracts their Soul Tribe like Velcro. I do this through my courses, membership and also loads of free content via my podcast, blog and the letters I send to my email list.

  • 2. Work alongside established soul-driven experts and leaders and help them turn their ideas, wisdom, expertise and methods into legacy-building books that help, heal and guide their soul tribe. I do this as a ghost writer and book coach.


So, who am I?

I’m Cate, a life-long writer and creator.  All I’ve ever wanted to do is write, tell stories and communicate, which is why I spent more than 15 years working for the UK’s top magazines, where I profiled and ghost wrote pieces for celebrities and household names.

But I really loved telling the stories of ordinary entrepreneurs and every day people who were doing extraordinary things – I loved how my work gave them a voice and platform. So in 2018 I decided to start teaching my own form of content, content with a heartbeat, to coaches creatives and heart-led entrepreneurs so they could share their own stories, their own messages, without needing a journalist or PR to do it for them. 

Because these days everyone may have a platform, but not everyone has found their voice

So I started teaching everything I knew about writing copy, creating content, finding your writing voice, telling stories and sharing from the heart. That’s now grown into a membership community, online courses, and I’m currently working on a new book series so I can reach even more people with my work.

Here’s the Cliff’s Notes on what I do

(and how we could work together)

I run a membership teaching content writing & marketing skills

I have courses in storytelling & copywriting

You can hire me as a book coach (and I ghost write books too)

I love to collaborate and share my teachings in other heart-led communities

Basically, it’s all about content with a heartbeat, because…

 Yes, content is a great marketing tool, but while it often leads to a sale, for me it’s all about:

1. Connection – attracting those soulmate clients and customers who love and need the work that you do, and helping you to create a community in which you can lead and inspire and collaborate.

It’s also about

2. Creativity – a tool through which you can have fun and express yourself  and put your little rockets of truth out into the world. 

And then there’s.

3. Craft. Yes, create from the heart, but have an understanding about how to structure good communication as well – otherwise people will get bored and your message will be lost. 


Finally, it’s about legacy & freedom

Building a content-driven brand means you can create a portfolio of authority-building content that gets you known for what you do; and also helps you turn your intellectual property into new revenue streams that serve and connect even when you don’t want to be live in your business.

Connection, Creativity & Craft,

Legacy & more Freedom

The other thing I should be clear about is this: I’m not a guru.

Being a powerful heart-led leader, creating a content-driven brand, showing up consciously in your fullest expression… it takes inner work and outer work.

It takes practical skills and creativity.

It takes trial and error (and patience).

I am constantly learning and growing as an entrepreneur and a creative and content creator myself.

So while I have years of experience from one industry, I also bring all my new learnings and lessons from this newly evolving creator economy, and I share it all with my community. I don’t know everything. But I’m always learning. So here we learn alongside each other.

So welcome to The Luminous, for the coaches, visionaries, entrepreneurs and leaders ready to create (with heart, soul, love & courage). 

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