Hey, I’m Cate!

I’m an author & book coach for highly successful women entrepreneurs, who have a book idea niggling away at them, but something keeps on getting in the way of it…

In as little as 6 months I can help you birth the book that will sky-rocket your authority, attract new dream clients, and open up exciting new opportunities – without eating up your time, energy and focus.

I use my 20+ years experience in journalism, & 10 years working with self-published authors, to help you write the book that will blow up your business!

I work in a couple of ways:

  • As your private 1:1 book coach, I will not only give over-arching book project support from planning through to publication, but will be with you on every step of your author journey. On regular calls, I’ll help you work out what you want to say, build a table of contents, flesh out your chapters, map and plan your book funnel, and keep you motivated and accountable all the way to The End.

  • Or, if you don’t have the time, energy or desire to do that, but still really want to be an author. I can do it for you. As an experienced first person ghost, I’ll help you get clear on what you say, and turn your ideas into a book that not only feels like you and sounds like you, but is designed to sky-rocket your authority and align with your business goals.


Who am I?  I’m Cate, and all I’ve ever wanted to do was work with books and words, which is why I spent more than 15 years working for the UK’s top magazines, where I profiled and ghost wrote pieces featuring celebrities and household names including David Attenborough, Sharon Osbourne, Roger Moore, Ruby Wax and Jo Malone, to name but a few.

What I really loved though, was helping ordinary entrepreneurs and every day people share their message and tell their stories. And I found that getting to the heart of who someone is, and helping them to put into words what it is they really want to say, is my zone of genius. 

I first started working with self-published authors in 2013, as a book editor, co-writer and ghost writer, and have developed a signature framework that I follow in all my work – strategy, soul, story and switch. Because one of the things I take a stand for, is that you can write a book that comes from the heart and aligns with your business goals.  

My zone of genius is getting to the heart of your message & helping you to write a book that sounds like you & feels like you (but also strategically supports your business goals)

 I also take a stand for not waiting around for a book deal. Getting a publisher is not the only legit way to become a successful author (& it’s not necessarily the fastest or best way either). That’s why I’m a huge advocate of professional self-publishing. It’s so powerful and comes with so many benefits, particularly when you’re following my Authors Dot Ink Framework from the outset. Here’s how that goes:

1. Strategy Because your idea is EVERYTHING. Get this wrong, and your whole book game is built on quicksand.

2. Soul Writing a book should never be some cynical marketing activity. It’s got to have personality, connection and alignment too.

3. Story. Your story, and your stories. That’s what makes it original, and compelling and easy-to-read.


Finally, it’s about The Switch

That’s the conversion. It’s what turns dream readers into dream clients. Because when you’re writing a book to sky-rocket your expertise and grow your business, success isn’t measured in book sales, but in clients and opportunities.

Strategy, Soul,

Story & Switch

The Luminous Press

In 2023, I founded The Luminous Press, after publishing my own first book, Soul Story: How to Tell Stories that Call in Your Soul Tribe.  This independent publishing house now offers author services ranging from full publishing packages, through to mix-and-match, including copy-editing, proofing, cover design and done-for-you book funnels. 



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Authors Dot Ink

The 9-Month Group Book Coaching Program, which helps you write and publish your non-fiction or self-help book and build the book funnel that turns dream readers into soulmate clients. 



Start Writing!

Imagine having your whole book plan planned out in 90 minutes, so you can finally just sit down get it written. That’s exactly what happens on this 90 minute 1:1 Book Strategy call with Cate. Walk away with a clear & aligned plan.




Tell your Story

Learn how to unearth your story goldmine, and exactly how to tell those stories in an original, memorable and impactful way, whether you’re on stage, online or in print.



Luminous Letters

Weekly letters on writing books with strategy, soul, story and switch (AKA turning those dream readers into dream clients)