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Hello Creator!

I’m Cate Butler Ross, and if you dream of writing books, blogs, courses, even magazines about all the things you’re passionate about, this is either fate or my SEO is working uncannily well. Because back in 2011 that was my dream too – to one day build my own brand around my words and writing. Fast-forward a decade or so, and I’m an indie author, course creator, blogger and podcaster, and I’m finally doing many of the things I dreamed I’d do One Day. If you’re here, I’m guessing like me, you’re tired of waiting for that too, and that’s great news. Because now’s the moment to swap One Day for Day One of being a writer and creator. And I can show you how.

Let’s swap One Day for

Day One.

When you turn your knowledge, thoughts and ideas into books and other content, it’s not just about creating new revenue streams or even marketing an existing business; it’s also a way to lead a more creatively fulfilling life, on your own terms. These days, you can be a coach, an expert, a healer or a professional who’s also a writer. Or you can be a writer who also happens to be an expert. You don’t have to be the biggest name in your field with a ‘big 6’ publisher to call yourself a successful writer, and you don’t have to be a starving artist either. There’s a very happy, creative and attainable middle ground where most of us can play, and that’s why I created The Luminous, an online learning platform where I can teach you everything I know about writing, storytelling, and creativity, and everything I’ve learnt (and am learning) about being a writer and leader in the modern Creator Economy.

So what is The Creator Economy?”

It’s where you turn your ideas and creativity into intellectual property that people want to buy. For some that means arts and crafts or even music, but I’m all about written content – anything that uses writing craft and storytelling.

 So, I can help you write your book, tell your story & create content (with a heartbeat)

If you want to finally write down everything you know about say… parenting, veganism, manifestation, healing, homesteading, homeopathy, decluttering, dogs (the topics are endless) – I can show you how to plan, position, outline, write and edit your non-fiction book, and weave in your own personal stories to help you create a deeper connection with your reader. Or maybe you just want to learn how to show up online as an expert in a way that doesn’t feel totally snake-oil gross. Either way, I’ve got a podcast, a blog, a book, a course, and even a membership that can help you with all of those things.

From glossy magazines to indie author

& writing coach

I wish I’d understood more about The Creator Economy back when I first left my job to go freelance in 2011, but it was all still kind of new back then. I’d spent more than 15 years writing for glossies like Woman and Home and Country Living Magazine and while I loved that time, I didn’t want to write for anyone else anymore. I wanted to write for me. To use my creativity and writing skills to create my own portfolio of work; to share about things and people who inspired me, about the topics I knew, and things I cared about. And I wanted to do it all on my own platform too; create my own mini media empire, if you like (and ideally even earn a little bit of money from it). My problem was, I didn’t know what I had to write about. So while I took courses, hired mentors, and consumed a truck load of books and blogs and podcasts to figure it all out, the rest of the time I kept busy doing things like…

Content writing for a leading cereal company

Ghost writing and editing for indie authors of non-fiction books

Consulting on content marketing

Teaching copy and content to entrepreneurs

And that is when I realised….

It’s all about content with a heartbeat.

I knew how to write. And I knew how to help people write. I tried teaching them how to use words as a business strategy because that made business sense, but ultimately that didn’t light me up. What does though is helping incredible teachers, experts, coaches and leaders to use writing and creativity as a tool for stepping out of the shadows and shining their light; to tune into their heart voice, tell stories from their personal experience, and create the kind of content that helps and heals; educates and entertains, but most importantly has a positive impact on the world. In other words, I was all about teaching Content with a heartbeat



So, I’m not here to promise you a 6-figure year, or that I can help grow your audience by a gazillion. But I can help you show up as the truest expression of who you are right now whether you’re writing books, blogs or articles, so you can start to attract the ones who resonate with and love everything you do (AKA Your Soul Tribe). And that tribe may be made up of millions, but equally, it might just be a couple of thousand true fans – your tribe may be small, but when you attract the right people, it can be mighty.

Because the truth is, 

what’s really magnetic,

is you.

There’s a lot of noise online. But the ones who stand out and grow the most loyal audiences aren’t the ones who write the prettiest, or are using all the trendiest, sparkliest promo copy. Your soul tribe wants substance.

They want real.

They want true.

They want you.

So welcome to The Luminous, for the writers, authors, bloggers and heart-led creators ready to inject a bit of heart, soul, love and courage into everything you create. 

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