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If you want more high-touch support with your book project, and want an experienced wordsmith and editor by your side to be your book mentor, writing coach, collaborator and cheerleader, book a free 30 minute discovery call so we can discuss the best way we can support you in becoming a successfully published author.

“I signed up on a whim, and I am so glad I did. The process of writing Cate takes you through has meant that I have managed to get chapters written despite having young kids and a business, and it has all felt achievable. No retreat to the Outer Hebrides needed. I have loved the course, teaching and the community it has given me.

-Rebecca, Play Therapy Expert

I’d been sitting on my book project for years! I knew I needed some help getting my content off the Trello board, but was overwhelmed with knowing where to start. This program is packed with resources on how to craft and publish your book. I’m looking at the project in a simple, step by step way now and that makes the book much easier to write. The group calls were helpful in trouble-shooting and connecting with inspiring business owners.

~ Sarah, Strategy & Alignment Coach


“Cate was absolutely amazing at helping me bring my ideas to my consciousness and kept me accountable as I moved through writing my second book. She is patient, understanding and empathetic, and pushes you at the perfect pace to keep you productive without completely overwhelming you.”

– Gemma Ray, Broadcast Journalist, Writer and Best-Selling Author

“Cate is a powerhouse for fine-tuning your text, puzzling out where to place your stories, and adding the finishing touches of a word here and there that make you realise ‘Yes! That’s what I meant to say.’ She also has the whole background of your business interest and marketing strategy in the back of her mind, and will link you back to your possibilities in each conversation.”


~ Angelika, Leadership Coach


It’s time to get your book out there

& grow your business

It’s time to get your book out there & grow your business

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