Here it is lovelies, the nitty gritty of creating your own content framework. My secret formula to ticking all the right boxes inside your content every single week and month to nurture and educate and serve your soul tribe.


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Now I’ve gotta be honest with you, idea generation, content planning ETC, that is something that is second nature to me, I’ve obviously been a journalist, commissioning editor, features writer for years, I see the world in content and stories.


Now this talk isn’t about content planning but I will share this little tip with you:,  When you see the content that you create for your business as being like your own magazine; and each week or month as a new issue, it does make content planning so much simpler.

So back in the day when I helped plan issues, months in advance, I knew that there were certain categories that I needed to cover in every issue.

  • A couple case studies like a small business story and a personal real life story
  • a practical self help style piece
  • A Q&A which your typical problem page
  • Reader’s letters 

 So when I started my business and began with the whole content planning for myself and teaching other people how to do it, I just swapped those categories.

  • So the case studies are the authority building pieces
  • The real life stories are the behind the scenes and the know like and trust
  • The how to’ self help content, that’s the educational content you need to put out there 
  •  The reader’s letters – that’s the social proof.

And could go on…


Well that’s the contents page of your magazine.

So whatever magazine you read it has a content page, so let’s say you’re Cosmo or a Red reader, you’d open the contents and there’ll be different sections

 – health

– beauty




Well in your magazine, that’s your content pillars.

So let’s say you’re a dog trainer, your contents pillars might be:

– training

– diet

– exercise

– Grooming

– Discipline

Or if you were a business coach, they might be 


Marketing strategy

Passive Income,

Systems and process.

So seeing your business as a magazine is a really good method to help you get clarity on what you do talk about and talk about, and it’s a good way of making sure you’re ticking all the boxes you need to tick.

But actually i’m going to be totally honest with you. When it comes to my own content with the exception of my signature content which I’ve just told you I batch. I rarely follow a content plan other than for things like launches etc.

Partly because i think because i know the magazine that is my brand so well it’s all up in my head, and partly because I’m a bit of a rebel at heart and although I teach it, I don’t like anyone, let alone a content plan telling me what to do.

But also there’s a danger here. Now, having one is probably going to help you, and that magazine model is I think gold. But, when you start creating a content plan and filling in everything you’re going to say and post for the next 3 months and then you sit and down force yourself to batch it all, there is a real danger that content you’re batching and planning is going to be really boring.

I`m sorry to say it but, too much reliance on strict content plans just spawn cookie cutter content – and by that I mean content that anyone could have created. Content that is indistinguishable from your competitor. And that is content that no-one remembers

Because that content that you’ve sat down and efforted your way through, is going to be missing something vital.


And if you have gone to the effort of starting your own business you’ve got soul. You’ve got passion for something. 

And so in this talk, I’m inviting you to tap into that passion tap into that soul and put it into your content. Because that is what creates content with a heartbeat. And content with a heartbeat, is what makes you rise above everyone else, and create impact and connection and build relationships, and that is what business is all about.

Thanks for listening. Next week we’re going to be talking about getting Vulnerable in your content. I’ll also be sharing my own story of why I’ve started sharing stuff, that makes me feel a little uncomfortable…


Just head here gorgeous!