I took this selfie to post on IG a few weeks back, but I didn’t.

It used to be that I didn’t post photos of myself because I was too self conscious of my looks; after I had my son I developed acne rosacea and I lost a lot of hair, so being seen behind the scenes was something I could do without thanks very much.

But the reason I decided not to post this photo,  was not because a hint of rosacea is showing through on my nose or that you can see the remnants of an enormous spot on my cheek…

The reason I decided not to post this photo, was although I thought I looked quite nice actually, I also thought I perhaps looked like I loved myself a bit much, and loving yourself to me, has always felt a very big sin.

Today, however, I posted this photo on IG with a caption about self love, because as I muddle through the first draft of a book I’m writing about how to find your voice, I’ve realised, that not loving ourselves is one of our biggest mistakes, and a huge block that stops us from being truly seen and heard.

It’s funny, because when people come to me to learn how to write content, they think that knowing how to craft the perfect email or write a viral blog post, is the the thing that’s going to tip the scales and explode their brand.

And yeah, it might.

But here’s the problem that you face.

As a journalist and content writer I never got writer’s block or analysis paralysis.

Because fear of being seen, getting trolled, an old boyfriend seeing and commenting something embarrassing or nasty on a post, getting into trouble, imposter syndrome, not enoughness, or a niggling idea that I’m about to get ‘found out’…(and the 99 other visibility blocks I’ve worked through since starting my own brand)…

… is just not something you have to worry about when you’re a professional content writer churning out articles, posts, emails and blogs for somebody else.

There’s no ego or limiting beliefs floating around ready to hamstring you the moment you consider posting a photo of the founder or rave about your client results.

You just do it. Because you know that’s what needs to be shared.

But when you’re writing content for YOUR brand from YOUR point of view, it becomes more than just learning how to come up with a compelling angle and knowing what to post when.

Because to truly show up and speak your truth and be unapologetically you, so often involves jumping through 350 flaming hoops before simply posting a picture that you quite like of yourself.

So ever since I started helping  coaches, creatives and entrepreneurs give voice to their stories and soul work… It’s never just been about techniques and formulas.

It’s always been about the inner work too; the blocks and fears that keep us small.

Because finding your voice is like peeling an onion; you’ve got to peel back beyond the brown papery skin of things and cry a few tears, before you get to that little luminous orb that’s at the heart of it all.