For some entrepreneurs, copy flows as easily as the conversation after a glass of Prosecco.

For you? It’s like chewing on broken glass.

Which means your sales page never gets written, your monthly newsletter has never been out of draft mode, and your ideal customers have no idea you’re even there.

I like to call it ‘THE ARIEL BLOCK’

But who really stole your voice?  Hint: It isn’t Ursula the Sea Witch. And it’s also got nothing to do with being a ‘good’ writer.

But don’t worry, it could be easier to solve than you think.

What if your problem was not about having the right formula, or knowing the difference between a conjunction and an adverb?What if your problem isn’t actually writing? What if, it is all in you head? I’m not saying you’re making it up. I know the copy struggle is real. But you don’t have to be JK to be worthy of writer’s block. 

 I call them ‘Copy Blocks’ and they are the very real thing standing between you and copy that flows with ease, authenticity and power.


It’s amazing how many people think they don’t have one until they start trying to write more authentic, deeper and more conscious copy.

And the only way to identify and banish those bad boy blocks, is through a little bit of digging, and a LOT of down and dirty honesty. Do that, and your copy will flow like a tap you just can’t turn off.

Here are three of the more common culprits. Which one have you fallen victim to?


You’re not bland and boring. So how come your copy is?

Maybe deep down you’re uncomfortable with being seen as an authority.

It’s that whole imposter syndrome thing we hear so much about. Maybe you don’t want to come across as a know-it-all or as too big for your boots. Or maybe, you unconsciously or consciously dampen down the real you because you’re worried your friends and family will laugh or tease you.

Stop it. Stop it now. It’s time to step in to your truth. And those who need you will hear you. And the people in your life who matter will LOVE you for it… in the end


You have strong opinions but the minute you start writing them down… you start to feel a little uneasy.

Which means your messaging starts to flip flop from one side of the fence to the other. You make a strong point here, then you soften it there. And all it’s doing is making you look wishy washy and unremarkable.

Being opinionated face to face or to an audience you know is one thing, but putting your heart out there for anyone to read is a daunting prospect. What if some people won’t like what you’re saying. You don’t want to annoy anyone. And what if some people don’t agree with you, or call you out on what you’re saying or are just totally turned off by you…

If you have a powerful message to share – you WANT some people to be turned by you. Because unless they are, no-one is going to fall head over heels in love with what you stand for either. Stop worrying about anyone other than your soulmate clients and customers because they are the only ones you want to attract. And when you do that the people you’re worrying so much about, won’t even bother reading.


It all makes sense in your head. Kind of. You know what you want but you just can’t quite put it in to words that do it justice. So you’re copy is scattered, confused and you just can’t quite find that thread which runs through everything that you do.

Another sign is if someone asks you what you do, and a large part of your (very long-winded) answer is punctuated with lots of ummmmms, ermmmms and nervous stuttering.

Your problem here is most likely a lack of clarity on what makes your business unique. It’s time to go away and really crystallise what your business stands for.

Want a place where you can talk through your copy blocks, get support, inspiration and meet other heart-centred entrepreneurs working to show up more authentically? Then here’s your invitation to my free closed facebook group, The Copy Academy.

Can’t wait to see you there.