As all the experts in growing an engaged social media audience will tell you, if you want more loyal followers on facebook, you’ve gotta start posting where your target market hangs out.

But as you’ve probably realised, most group hosts can spot a blatantly promotional post from 500 paces. And unless they want their group to turn into a spammy wasteland, that post promoting your services or inviting them to join your awesome facebook group will at best be given a public and very embarrassing “back off”, or at worst you will be given the cyber boot from their group.

Not exactly the impression you want to be putting out there, is it?

But here’s the good news.

The non-spammy, so-not sleazy, blush-free promotional facebook post exists!  It makes you feel good, and it works too (without pissing anyone off, or making any of your dream customers think you’re a money grabbing sleazeball).

Here’s how it works.

If you want to start using the the world’s biggest social network to organically attract as many of your ideal customers as you can (and really, who wouldn’t?), you’ve got to remember that all good content comes from two places:

    • Service
  • Authenticity


People’s bullshit radars are in overdrive these days and we are hardwired to be suspicious of anything salesy, which is why all savvy entrepreneurs have these two elements at the heart of all their marketing strategies. And that includes any posts you scatter in and around facebook to promote yourself or your group.

So with authenticity and service in mind, before you write any post, ask yourself these three questions.

    1. What does this group host want from me?
    1. What kind of content would my fellow members (specifically those belonging to your target market who will be hanging out there in droves) find so valuable?
  1. How can I meet both these needs?

So, let’s look at question 1. What does the group host want?

Well most group hosts want more member engagement. They also want their members to feel like they are surrounded by like-minded, supportive and knowledgeable people. And of course that they are getting incredible and relevant value from being a member of their group.

What do the other members’ want?

Well probably help, inspiration, support or ideas to help them learn more about the subject of the group.

For example, if they are in an essential oils group, they may want to learn a new blending technique, or a great trick for using oils for cleaning.

Or if they’re in a women’s business group, they may want to know how to set up an easy automation in mailchimp, write compelling copy or grow their instagram following.

So, how do you meet both these needs?

You write a super duper value-packed post that helps the members’ solve a relevant problem.

Of course, what YOU want is simple.

You want traction. And to do this you’re going to show up as a safe pair of hands, as helpful, knowledgeable and valuable.

Now I would argue that the best kind of posts ask for nothing in return.

The posts may clearly state your expertise – what makes you credible and worth listening to. For example

“I make award-winning marmalade”


“I’m an interior designer”


“I cut Kate Middleton’s hair” (but only if you do, of course)

which may be enough to entice someone to check out your profile organically. But you’re not name-dropping your business or website or group at every opportunity because when you do that their spamdar will detonate.

So other than establishing your credibility, the only other thing you should do is LOVEBOMB THEM WITH VALUE.

Because when you start showing up and consistently doing this, people will start to see how helpful, and knowledgeable and genuine and giving you are… and before you know it, they’ll be facebook stalking your profile, requesting to join your group and signing up to your emails.

That doesn’t mean to say that you can’t slip the odd little innocent plug for your business name or facebook group.

BUT it has to be natural and relevant, and the post itself has to be so dripping in value that

a) the group host won’t care you’ve done a tiny plug because you’ve just made their group a better place to be.

b) your dream customer won’t care you’ve done a little promo because you’ve just proven your worth.


Yes, this approach takes time and consistency, but the quality of the leads it gives you, the reputation it builds and the fact that you’re no longer having to write anything that makes you cringe to the core makes it soooo very worth it.

If you’re not sure whether your tipping the balance in to over-promoting, follow this rule.

1 name drop or business plug for every 6 pieces of value you are offering to that group.

That way you know that you’re putting waaaaaaay more value in, than you’re taking.

Here are some post models to steal and adapt:

#sharingmywin If you’ve got a big goal but worry you’re not going to meet it, don’t give up! I started my essential oils group Healing Herbs a couple of months ago and set myself a goal of 100 members by November. I’ve just welcomed member 102! I’m so grateful! So don’t give up.

Even though I’m a Personal Trainer I always struggle to get out of bed and do my morning workout whenever the weather starts to get cold. So to help motivate some of my clients to swap their duvets for their running shoes I put together a blog post of 10 ways to make frosty morning workouts fun. Here are my top 5 to get you inspired. Are there any other things you do to make it easier?

If like me you’ve been struggling to figure out how to talk about your facebook group in other groups without feeling like a greaseball, I thought you’d be interested in this new approach i’ve started taking that has totally worked for me. It’s grown membership of my facebook group The Copy Academy by 100%! So this is what I do…

I’m feeling so grateful – my coaching business is thriving and my facebook group Coach for Life is getting real traction. I’d love to collaborate with other experts to do guest posts inside the group, but not sure what niches would be best. Any ideas or suggestions?

So there you have it. The feel-good approach to promoting yourself online. Go, do and let me know how you get on in the comments.

If you think someone you know would find this post helpful, please do share the love 😉

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