Because they’re noticing, even when you think you’re creating into a void…

When I was growing up, if you were being grumpy or in anyway disagreeable when a minor misfortune befell you (you dropped your ice cream or your ball went over the fence into the brambles) my Nan would say:

“That was God’s work.”

These days I teach my kids Karma a little more positively and a lot less literally….

“If you want more friendship you’ve got to…”

“Give it!” they chant.

“If you want to have fun you’ve got to…”

“Be fun!” they shout.

And I genuinely think it’s been one of the most valuable lessons I’ve instilled in them, even if sometimes it gets misapplied:

​​“If you don’t share those Haribo with me, three times of badness is coming back at you, you know!”

But here’s something I’ve recently understood about Karma….

We get so focused on our ACTIONS that we forget that

the things we CREATE, like our work and our message and our ideas,

are equally as Karmic.

Last summer this was shown to me in the most beautiful and unexpected of ways.

It was a pretty turbulent time for me – something had happened that completely rocked my faith in everything, and one evening I sat in my garden and cried and prayed the hardest I’d ever prayed.

I asked for a sign, I asked to feel supported, I asked for something – anything – to show me things were happening for me not to me.

The next morning I opened my inbox to find an email with the subject line “A surprise for you.”

And when I read the message I found that a complete stranger had gifted me $1000AUS.

Yeah, I know, my first instinct would be to think it was a scam too…

Except, the email was from someone I had recently been in touch with (a business owner I am an affiliate for and who’d guested on my podcast), and when I checked my Paypal, there was the money already sitting in my account!

This was the story: they’d run a competition with a cash prize and the winner had asked the money to be gifted to somebody who they felt was ‘working really hard and creating good things in this world.’

And that somebody they had decided, was me.

That wasn’t the only thing that happened that day to signal I was supported, but it was the first and the most unexpected.

And I realised the only thing they really knew about me, was what I had put out into the world in the form of my content – my podcast, my social media posts, my stories, and my message…

It reminded me that it’s so easy to think that we are just creating into a void. That if they’re not commenting, or replying or buying, they’re not listening or noticing.

It reminded me that when we abundantly and whole-heartedly

create and serve and share the work we’re here to do,

the universe will find a way to bring all that goodness back to you.

And sometimes it will happen in the most random, indirect and unexpected ways. And that Nan, is also “God’s work.”



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