Messaging is not set it and forget it, which means you don’t have to be brand new to business to have a messaging problem, that’s why in this episode I’m going to be sharing the 5 tell tale signs that it’s not your business model, your strategy, your product or your systems need tweaking, it’s the way you communicate the value you offer…


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So in the past when I taught copy and content, very often a client would come to me and thought that their problem was that they just needed to understand content a bit better; or maybe they want to learn how to tell stories and be a better storyteller; or they’d want some writing coaching because they wanted to write their book or try their hand at blogging.

But so often those things were not actually their most pressing problem. And before they could do any of those things, they had to solve this: their messaging, and that’s what we’re talking about today: When it’s time to reposition reposition yourself with a little messaging TLC.

Welcome to episode 8 of The content download, I’m Cate of the Luminous if you don’t know who we are and what we do you can check out some of our lovely blogs and offerings over at, or my website

For now, let’s dive into the show.

Now before we can figure out whether this is something you need to, let’s start off with winding things back a little bit and getting clear on exactly what your messaging is.

Your messaging is essentially how you talk about your business and the value it offers.

Without clarity of message nothing you say or do inside your content will stick. It’s like trying to make a sponge cake without anything gooey to bind it.

What you’re essentially trying to do is

  1. you’ve got to craft a message that your ideal customer just can’t ignore. 
  2. You’ve got to figure out what makes you different.

No pressure.

Don’t worry this is the number one thing I have to help my clients with first. Before they can do anything else. Which is why it’s the first module I created in Fearless content. And it is the most common thing we work hard to iron out on when you work 1:1 on inside my group programs or masterminds.

Because your messaging is not set it and forget it. You’re not carving it in stone as a very unfortunate MP once did over here in the UK (he didn’t win). Your messaging is constantly evolving as your business grows and YOU grow and change. 

But that means at some point your messaging will stop working and will need to be tweaked.

And so that’s what we are talking about in this episode.

  1. You’ve got something amazing to offer – but you can’t tell anyone what it is in less than 537 words (and they’re still a *bit* confused).
  2. The clients you DO attract can’t afford you – or discount you so much you start to feel cheap.
  3. Your website’s never finished, because you’ve no idea what to write.

4.You procrastinate creating content because you can’t find a focus.

  1. You feel like you have to pretend to be someone you’re not to be heard. You don’t know how to be you.

Now here’s what that problem actually looks like in your business.

Your busy, potential customer, ideal client, the dream person you want to work with, lands on your IG account or your website or your business page.

Their eyes scan around the page. And within 3-8 seconds they click the big cross and leave never to return again.

That is because, if they haven’t figured out in a few short seconds:

  1. What you offer
  2. How it will make their life better
  3. Why they need to buy it now
  4. Why from you rather than someone else (i.e what makes you different)

Now this is exactly what we are working on together, in real time inside The Sistermind which is launching in the new year. There is some amazing early bird pricing happening right now, so if you want more info you can find out more about that at But we’re also of course going to be doing a bit of deeper dive into messaging problems and issues inside the facebook group – it’s free. I hang out there every week to chat about whatever we cover in the podcast.