A podcast. It’s brand new. It’s been on my wish list for so long, and now here it is.

Episode 1 – all about what this thing called Content with a heartbeat is all about, and what Calling in Your Soul Tribe really means (you want to do it, promise)

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Hello, and welcome to the first episode of The Content Download!

Maybe you’re a coach, an educator, a light worker or some other kind of heart-centred entrepreneur or leader, and you have a a purpose, a mission, that you live and breathe and you want to reach more people and touch more peoples lives with that mission.

And you know that one of the things holding you back is not being able to communicate that message in a way that feels good to you, that feels like you, that has impact.

And I really know what that feels like.

I’m Cate, and I’m a writing coach and mentor helping visionaries and entrepreneurs create what I call content with a heartbeat. Because i absolutely believe that in an online world where content is cheap and free, if you want to stand out, if you really want to make an impact, and if you really want to step into the truth of why you do what you do, and why you feel called to communicate that message on a larger scale, you need to be showing up and sharing not from a place of pure strategy. But showing up and sharing with your heart voice.

And to me, your heart voice is where your mission meets with who you really are. It’s about tapping into your creativity. Your vulnerability. Working on those blocks that stop us from really speaking our truth.

Content with a heart beat is difference between a leader who is showing up trying to mould other people’s ideas into their own. And a leader who is taking collective wisdom, or universal truth and sharing it in an original way that is unique to them.

So who am I to make these big bold statements about how you should be showing up?

Well, I’m just a girl who has always felt called to communicate. Always felt that there was a message I was put here to share. The problem was, for many years I had no idea what that message actually was.

I’ve always been a writer, since I was old enough to hold a pencil I was writing stories at home, and then as a teenager my mum worked in the Geriatric ward of a hospital and would nurse all these lovely ladies with amazing stories, and I hated the thought of their stories dying with them so I went in with my tape recorder and interviewed them about their stories and their lives. And then when I got a job, I became a features writer for magazines, so storytelling really became my trade as well.

But it was only in 2017 when I decided to start my own business which back then just taught copy skills to entrepreneurs, that I realised how hard it is to curate and tell your own stories, and how hard it is to find your true authentic voice. For years I’d told other people’s stories. I’d written for magazines and websites that had their own voice.

And here I was running a business and I knew I wasn’t connecting with my audience in the way I really wanted to be. Because i was holding myself back. And I noticed that as I worked with my clients, I wasn’t really telling them how to write most of the time. I was coaching them through what is the message they really want to share, and why aren’t they. What is the way they really feel inside, and why aren’t they showing up as that.

And I recognised in me too. I was prolifically putting out content. But that real connection. That lock and key moment where you know you have called in your soul tribe, wasn’t really happening for me.

And when I analysed it I realised that i felt like that for many reasons.

Fear of being seen. Fear of being rejected. Not fully understanding or owning the message I was meant to be sharing – yet. 

And this is when it really hit me. For years I worked in magazines and had so many amazing women pitch me their stories, but we only had room for 1 or 2 an issue, and these women were kind of using us as advocates to give voice to their stories and their soulwork. And back in those days the internet was young and not everyone was savvy or even on there. 

And I’d entered this online space believing, well everyone has a platform now you just need to choose the right words and away you go.

But that isn’t true. Yes, if you have an email and the internet, you have a platform ready and made for you. But while you have a platform, not everybody has a voice.

And your voice is the most valuable asset when it comes to standing out, being heard, making change.

So, it’s been a long evolutionary process, but I realised for me, my mission was to find ways of helping entrepreneurs and leaders, predominantly spiritual women who only want to meaningful work that has a positive impact on the world, because that’s the group I feel drawn to, my soul tribe, if you like. I wanted to help them tap into their voice and their true message and creativity.

And that’s what my brand, my platform The Luminous is all about. It’s stories and soul work – giving voice to luminary women and their soulwork. And that’s what this podcast is really all about for me. Another way for me to reach out and support more people in doing that.

And to start off, I want to help you reframe how you see your content. Ie the the copy the videos, the audios the images that you put out on those platforms that you have and can use to share your message.

Now you may be resistant to creating content. Maybe it’s feast or famine for you. Maybe you’re pretty consistent but you’re not really making a dent or an impact, it’s just kind going through motions, which is pretty demoralising because we all know how much there is to do as a business owner these days.

But what if your content was actually the thing that changed it all. That helped you make the difference, whether that’s impacting millions or even just changing one life.

Suddenly it wouldn’t feel like such a chore. You’d be less likely to just throw something up. It would be worth investing your energy in – and in turn it would be worth your audience investing their energy in. Because as in life so in content, there is definite give and take in the energy you put out in your content and with what you get back.

So the first step to creating content with a heart beat. To showing up in your heart voice. Is to start seeing your content in this new empowering light.

Content is your biggest ally. It is the channel for your creativity. And together it’s this huge opportunity to call in your soul tribe. To feel that lock and key connection that we all want as leaders.

And yes content is marketing, and it’s how your business gets seen and heard. But content isn’t really about selling. It’s about nurturing and loving on your audience, so much that when you are coming in with an ask they are ready to say yes I want your product, of course I’m behind your cause or whatever it might be.

So some of thing we are going to be exploring over the coming episodes are the tools you need and shifts you need to make to help you step into that heart voice. Find your brave so you can say things that maybe other people are scared to, share vulnerable stories that can transform lives,  be visible and consistent for your audience, without feeling cringey. And approaching that not from a place of hustle, but a place of curiosity and creativity. Yes, it helps to have some kind of plan. Some kind of framework and we can talk about that too. But your content, your communications, the stuff you create for your business can also  be intuitive. It can be easy. And it should be. Because when it feels like that, that’s when you are creating content with a heartbeat.

And that’s when you start calling in your soul tribe.

Which is basically what I want for you.

So take from this what resonates, and leave what it doesn’t but if you’re intrigued, you want to learn more, please stick around and subscribe.

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