Ok, so you’ve niched. In fact, you’ve niched your niche. Niching is not your communications beef.

You’ve also got the memo about abstract, airy fairy and cliched language and how it means nothing to anybody. Your copy doesn’t just understand your customer, it’s like you’ve read their freaking mind.

And yet… There’s still something that’s not quite gelling.

Those fans and followers feel a little bit flaky. You’re right for them, you understand them, but they’re not committed. They could peel off and fall away at any moment.

Why? Because the thing that really bonds a customer to a brand is something that’s so primal, we don’t even realise it’s what attracts us. And if you haven’t figured out what yours is, you’ve not got any sticking power.

So what is this thing that gives you sticking power?

Your story. And knowing what your story is – and what it isn’t, is the difference between messaging that’s a hole in one, and pretty words that loop around the edges but always stops short of the goal.

If you want less butterfly fans and followers who flutter from one shiny new brand to another, and to grow a tribe that will stick to you like Velcro, you need to figure out what your story is.

I’ve interviewed hundreds and hundreds of entrepreneurs, celebrities and industry leaders and figured out what makes their story memorable – and the truth is, it’s often the thing they tell me as an after thought. The thing they didn’t think was particularly remarkable, or interesting, or anyone would want to know.

Your story is what makes you different. Your story is what makes people fall in love with you. Your story is what makes them choose you, not the other guy.

And your story is waiting to be told

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