When you’re doing everything you’re meant to be doing  – facebook, linkedin, blogging, emailing…

When your instagram followers see you more often than your husband does. 

When your content is dripping with value…

and yet, your ideal customer still don’t show up.

What the HELL’S going on??

You go from thinking, “I must just be really crap at copy…”

To paranoia: “Perhaps no-one actually needs what I do…?”

To downright existentialism: “Do my dream customers actually exist?

It’s ok. Chill out my lovely.

Because when you’re doing all the things, and you’re still not attracting your dream customers – other than perhaps by pure fluke, it’s usually one of three (easily solvable) problems.

And today I’m going to tell you about the most common. Something I see in DIY copy every single day.

Are you ready for it? It’s a scary one…



It’s a thing. 

And a bit like a commitment-phobic, you don’t always realise you have it.

But the truth is, you’re flipping terrified of choosing ONE SOULMATE CUSTOMER.

Because what about all those other lovely people who need what you have? How can you possibly choose?

Well, here’s the problem.

Powerful copy is powerful, because it jumps inside someone’s head.

It makes them think, “Whoah, that’s totally me!”.

It’s like you’ve held a mirror up to their life and are reflecting it back to them in all the gritty, real detail.

The unwashed dishes in the sink, the darkening room lit only by your computer screen, the knowledge that you’ve only got 11 minutes before you absolutely have to leave to pick the kids up which means peeing is an impossibility because you’ve got to get this copy finished first… wait, sorry. that’s me…

But do you get what I mean? You’ve got to show them you understand them inside out. Because unless you do – how can you help them?

And how can you possibly connect with someone’s deepest desires, and biggest pain points, when you’re trying to talk to several people at once?

You can’t.

They’ll just look at your copy and think, “That’s not meant for me,” and scroll on by.

So it’s not enough to know that your niche is female entrepreneurs.

Your niche has got to be that one female entrepreneur. Running a growing online business, with two small kids, a bad relationship with a bag of mini eggs and a mild obsession with perfectionism.

Otherwise you’re just trying to hit the bullseye with your eyes half shut. Or totally blindfold even.

The only difference is that in this scenario, the only thing that’s gonna get hurt, is your bottom line.

Think about it.


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