Are you spending hours crafting Social Media posts and all you’re getting is *crickets*?

It can be so demoralising to keep posting in to a void and have hardly any engagement.

Well, luckily there are quite a few tricks you can use in your copy to help spark conversation and engagement, and I thought I’d share today a few ideas for getting people chatting on your page and in your groups!

  1. Tell them what to do! Perhaps the problem is they simply don’t know what to say or realise that you want to spark a conversation. Tell them what you want them to do, give them a clear CTA on what you want them to discuss or share with you. Once people have a clear idea of this it makes them more inclined to type a few words in the comments box!
  2. Entertain them! People want to be entertained in their newsfeed. If you see something or think of something that is just your ideal customers’ sense of humour, pop it in
  3. Have some fun! A great post I saw recently on the business coach Denise Mortimer’s page was, “Tell me what you did today in a two line rhyme.” It’s attention catching, fun, a bit of a challenge and received lots of interaction. I loved this idea (and may have to get you all rhyming soon!)
  4. Let them in. Videos, photos and anecdotes from your every day life makes people feel like you’re reaching out to them, engaging with them and inviting them in to your life. It doesn’t have to be anything particularly meaningful. A video of your dog barking at squirrel is easy to post and it’s a fact that photos and videos of animals or babies are two things people struggle to scroll on passed!

Now, pick an idea, and do it today. And don’t forget to post your post in the comments below 🙂

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