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Get it written by Christmas… Make a commitment to your writing this autumn with 60 minutes of pure, uninterrupted writing time every single week.

Write Club is a cosy little writing accountability group moving forward with their writing projects every single term.

We meet on Zoom, Tuesdays 1pm (UK time) 

27th September – 13th December

(10 sessions running over 12 weeks)


Because the reason you’re dreaming of being an author, blogger or content creator, rather than actually being one is simple…

You’re not writing.

Maybe you do a lot of talking about writing. Thinking about writing. Learning about writing… but never actually get around to doing the, you know, writing.

That’s where Write Club comes in. It’s your friendly kick up the bum to live out your writing dreams now. Not next month. Not when the kids move out/ your diary’s clear/ that piece of work is finished/ your muse is back on form. Now.

The first rule of Write Club?

We don’t talk about writing in Write Club.

We just write.

Writing your own book with Cate Butler Ross

 The average non-fiction book is around 30,000 words, which sounds scary….

But that means, if you wrote just 350 words a day between now and Christmas you’d have your book finished.

But Write Club’s not just for authors. It’s for anyone wanting to get their writing projects finished.

For you that might be 10 new blog posts….

An evergreen course written and ready to record….

Cate Butler Ross Story Telling Guide by the Luminous Media

The Luminous Write Club is the writing club you’ve been waiting for.

It’s 60 minutes. Every Week. Getting the words on the page. Inching  your project closer to completion. Accountability. Camaraderie.


Oh, and you’re never gonna to be asked to read what you’ve written out loud, OK? (Phew).

It’s also not really about using the time to:

Re-write something you’ve already written.

Edit what you wrote last month (again).

Think about what you’re going to write.

Research that thing.

Do a quick outline…


(AKA procrastination)


It’s the time for getting the words out of your head and onto the page, because that’s how writers get things moving.

And get things finished.

 Join Write Club for the Autumn 2022 cohort and get your writing project done before another year rolls around.

No more excuses.

Here are some of the things Write Clubbers are working on/publishing/ sharing with their audiences every single week:

  • Messy first book drafts
  • Weekly blog posts
  • Subscriber newsletters
  • Web copy
  • Novels
  • Social media content

In just one weekly lunch break they’re making it happen.

They’re entrepreneurs, healers, light workers, visionaries, coaches, creatives – writing buddies, cities, countries, continents apart; free writing their hearts onto the page.

Because they know

You never become a writer ‘one day’

You become a writer when you make space for it TODAY



The Autumn 2022 term runs for 10 sessions over 12 weeks from Tuesday 27th September – 13th December

(no Write Club 25th October and 29th November)

We meet every week over zoom at 1pm UK time 

*NB If you’re in a different time zone, please note our clocks change from BST to GMT at the end of October



The session always starts a couple of minutes early so we can say hello and set our goals, then writing starts as close to 10am as possible.

We break the sessions up into 3 timed writing sprints, set goals and share word counts to remain accountable.

Join for the full term now for a discount here.


Hi, I’m Cate

 And I’ve been a writer all my life. From handwritten ‘novels’ I made at my mum’s kitchen table and stapled together with green sugar paper covers, to 15 plus years as a features writer for glossy magazines, right through to ghost writing and editing non-fiction books for visionaries and entrepreneurs.

In fact I spent so many years writing for other people and helping them put their creative visions into words, I never seemed to have the time to focus on my own writing projects and in early 2022 I realised my dream of building a career as an independent author was slipping through my fingers. 

So I decided it was time to change all that and finally commit to getting my first book written and published before the year was out. That’s when I started Write Club, so I knew no matter what happened in my week I’d spend at least one hour moving my book forward although in reality what it really did was give me focus and momentum. Seven months later I finally had my first book finished and ready to go into production later this summer. Not all Write Clubbers are writing books though, others are bloggers and content creators just looking for the time and space to get their projects written. Because so often being a writer is not about the ‘how’ but more about the when.


Stop dreaming of being a writer and actually become one

Make the space to start writing today.