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The Complete Storytelling Course for Coaches, Creatives & Change-makers

Writing your own book with Cate Butler Ross

You want to captivate them with your message…

You dream of being a thought leader – someone who not only serves your clients and customers, but inspires your followers.

And you don’t want to just move your audience to action, but really MOVE them, heart and soul…

…because you know that’s the only way for them to truly HEAR what you’re trying to say – and what you have to say matters.  

You’re a change-maker, a heart-led entrepreneur, and you know you have a message that can change lives…the problem is, it’s so hard to be heard.

Online, on stage, in print, in person… there’s so much distraction and noise and it’s hard to capture their attention.

And if you’re not careful, you can come across as preachy or like a talking encyclopedia (that’s the quickest way for fingers to start scroll….)

So what’s the answer?


Give them a ‘Once upon a time’ & they’re hardwired to listen…

Which is why every entrepreneur, changemaker, creative and coach is told over and over again…. 


Story moves. Story captivates. Story impacts. Story sells.

But how do you use story in your communications in a way that will get your people – your soul tribe –  to listen?

How do you actually tell a good story? Or even recognise you have a story to tell?

Because yes, there’s ‘your story’… (that series of events that got you to wherever you are with whatever you’re doing)

But then there’s your stories. And that is one of the most colourful and original and creative tools in your arsenal.

Because when it comes to stories, you’ve already got tons of great ones.

Stories that will get you remembered for who you are and what you stand for.

Stories that can inspire...

Stories that can serve…

Stories that can connect…

Storytelling for your business isn’t one size fits all.

It’s not about hiding behind a story that you once heard someone else tell…

It’s about framing your message with a story that’s unique to you. Because even if your story doesn’t seem big enough, glamorous enough or different enough… the best story is always the true one.

Storytelling for you business isn’t pot luck. It’s a craft.

And a craft that you’ve been using and listening to and absorbing since you were tiny… which is why it’s something you can learn.

When you do, you can choose the right story for the right moment; start it in the right place (which isn’t necessarily the beginning), know what to tell them next, and how to leave them wanting more…


Cate Butler Ross Story Telling Guide by the Luminous Media

These are the stories that create a movie in your head.

So your story stays with them

Long after the story is over.

Cate Butler Ross - Soul Story

And you can do this too.

You just need to learn how to spot your stories and tell them in a way so people stop and listen.

Which means no more…

Whispering from the back row while you’re on stage, because from your first few words all eyes (and ears) are on you.

Wondering whether people like your email newsletter because your subscribers are actually replying to tell you that they love them!

Forgettable cookie cutter social media posts because you’ve framed what you’ve shared with one of your own stories – & no-one else has those..

Introducing SOUL STORY

The Storytelling Course for Coaches, Creatives & Change-makers

Your complete guide to unearthing your story goldmine & becoming a powerful storyteller, so you can captivate, connect, convert and finally make the impact your dream about….all in a 4-module self study course.

When I started using my storytelling skills inside my own business, that’s when I stopped blending in with the crowd and started carving out space for myself as a leader.

That’s why inside Soul Story, I’m giving you all the tools you need ot unearth your story goldmine, learn how to use story in your communications to create more connection and impact, and become a powerful storyteller.

Because a story told well, makes your message rise above the noise.

Bring all  these skills

into all your communications online, onstage, in print and in person

Here’s what you’ll find inside SOUL STORY:


Module One: Becoming a storyteller

Learn when and how to use story to inspire, to educate, to entertain and to move your audience to action.

Understand the true power of story and the different ways you can use this skill inside all your communications. You’ll also learn what makes a good story, as well as when and how to use story to help you in life and business.

Module Two: Building Your Story Goldmine 

You don’t just have a story – you have stories. And learning how to uncover stories from your past, and recognise stories that you’re creating every day in the here and now is the easiest way to create communications that are entirely unique to you.

In this module you’ll learn how to mine for stories, and how to strategically use those stories to help you move your audience from new follower to buying customer. 

You’ll also learn exactly how to work out your most important story (AKA your sticky story), plus discover 2 more stories you have already, that your audience wants and needs to hear right now..

Mug holding pencils

Module Three: Mastering Storycraft

You now have an ever-growing vault of stories you can be using inside your business to grow your know, like and trust, establish your authority, educate your audience on your topic and create memorable and original content that none of your competitors can copy.

So how do you tell those stories so people actually listen? That’s what story craft is all about and in this session you’ll learn all about story structure and the essential elements every great story has.

Module Four: Telling Stories They Remember 

You understand the basics of good storytelling, but what are the elements, techniques and tools that the best storytellers use to make their  stories truly memorable?

Inside this session you’ll learn how to paint unforgettable pictures with words; the simple techniques and devices that truly bring your stories to life; the pro-storytelling trick that hooks them from the outset, and how to finish your story with them wanting more….

Young child lies on a bed reading a book

Soul Story shows you exactly how to use your storytelling practically inside your content and communications to teach, inspire and to connect, so you can turn followers into true fans & soulmate customers.


When you’re ready to call in your Soul Tribe

but are struggling to create a deeper connection with your audience, heart and soul.

When you’ve tried to tell your story a 100 times

but it never quite lands as well as you hoped or does what’s in your head justice

When you want to make a bigger impact in the world,

be remembered for the right reasons & become known for what you do.

When you know that your message can change lives

& want your thoughts and ideas to be heard by more people.

“Cate was absolutely amazing at helping me bring my ideas to my consciousness and kept me accountable as I moved through writing my second book. She is patient, understanding and empathetic, and pushes you at the perfect pace to keep you productive without completely overwhelming you.”

– Gemma Ray, Broadcast Journalist, Writer and Best-Selling Author

“Your coaching empowered me to tell my story in my true voice. To shed the corporate rhetoric that I have been pumping out for years. To let the events that have shaped me and drive me every day shine through for what they are. Thanks doesn’t quite cut it.”

-Ashlie Collins, Entrepreneur

So how much does it cost?

When you join today you’ll get:

Access 4 modules + 1 bonus module for just £199!


Hi, I’m Cate

And I’ve spent my whole life studying and sharing stories, which is why I know you have an important one to tell.

In fact your whole life is made up of 100s of stories which you could be using to inspire, educate, entertain and serve your audience so you can step into the authentic leader you truly are.

I spent more than 15 years writing captivating stories for the UK’s top magazines, profiling and ghost writing for leading figures and household names from Oscar-winners and industry leaders, to Olympians, and activists, so it’s safe to say I know what makes a great story.

And I know from the 100s of everyday people I’ve interviewed along the way – entrepreneurs, activists, change-makers, artists, experts and artisans – that everyone has a story to tell; it’s just sometimes you need a little help working out what that story is & how to tell it.


“When you understand the art and craft of storytelling, you don’t need a journalist to help you unpick your story; or a PR to tell you what it should be; or even a crystal ball to figure out how to get your audience to understand who you are and what you stand for….

Because when you become a storyteller you don’t have to try to get noticed or push yourself forwards – you’re already the most captivating voice in the room.”

You have a story – in fact you have stories.

And they are the key to being remembered and known for what you do.

So are you ready to share your Soul Story?

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