Cate Butler Ross Story Telling Guide by the Luminous Media

It’s time to tap into your story goldmine

for more raving fans, more soulmate customers & more connection, online, on stage, in print and in person with this FREE Quick Guide to Storytelling.

I’m ready to get storytelling!


I help entrepreneurs grow their influence through storytelling and thought leadership.

Because your stories are what make you different; your stories are the secret sauce to a deeper connection with your audience, and your stories are what will get you remembered.

Plus when it comes to online marketing, story is the apple in your content crumble, the gin in your celebratory “that post just went viral” G&T, and the extra zero in your bank account.



Inside this Quick guide to storytelling you’ll discover:


  • What’s your best-selling story?
  • How to keep your stories fresh, original and relatable
  • How to tell stories so they build an audience of followers (not friends)
  • The only storytelling formula you ever need!

“The most powerful person in the room is the storyteller”

Steve Jobs

Are you ready to become the most powerful person in the room/
on stage/in their newsfeed?


It’s time to get storytelling!


“I’ve been writing copy for years but have always struggled to write for myself – even coaches need a coach, right? I learned so much from Cate, and in the 3 months we worked together I actually tripled my monthly income from my first book”

– Gemma Ray, Broadcast Journalist & Author

“Your coaching empowered me to tell my story in my true voice. To shed the corporate rhetoric that I have been pumping out for years. To let the events that have shaped me and drive me every day shine through for what they are. Thanks doesn’t quite cut it.”

– Ashlie Collins, Entrepreneur, Marketing Consultant

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