Hands holding the cover of how to write your best selling book by Cate Butler Ross


 You’d love to grow your business with a book, but is now really a good time to get it written? And do you have anything worth writing about anyway? Inside this quick little guide, you’ll discover if you’re already sitting on a best-selling book and when is the best time to get it written!

Ready to add ‘author’ to your bio?

As a ghost writer and book mentor, I love helping coaches, creatives and heart-led entrepreneurs package their ideas into a book that will attract new soulmate clients and customers to their world.

A book is such a powerful calling card, but so many lighter workers, coaches and creatives are put off getting started because it feels like such a big and daunting project! But the truth is, it could be easier than you think – and for many business owners it can also be a huge catalyst for their marketing and visibility. Which is why I’ve put together this quick little guide to help you see if a book is the next best marketing strategy for your business, and help you uncover that best-selling idea.


Inside this Guide:


  • The reasons why authoring a book is such a powerful marketing tool
  • 3 simple steps to outlining a bestseller that’ll grow your business on autopilot
  • Why it’s time to own your expert status
  • The one thing your dream clients want to read about right now
  • The hook that will make your book a must-read

If you want 5 no-brainer reason to press ‘GO!’ on your book-writing dreams, get your free guide now. 


“Your coaching empowered me to tell my story in my true voice. To shed the corporate rhetoric that I have been pumping out for years. To let the events that have shaped me and drive me every day shine through for what they are. Thanks doesn’t quite cut it.”

– Ashlie Collins, Entrepreneur, Marketing Consultant

“I’ve been writing copy for years but have always struggled to write for myself – even coaches need a coach, right? I learned so much from Cate, and in the 3 months we worked together I actually tripled my monthly income from my first book”

– Gemma Ray, Broadcast Journalist & Author


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