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Turn your knowledge into a Brand-Building Business Book

with Strategy & Soul

Writing your own book with Cate Butler Ross

You’re ready to turn your knowledge into a book that grows your brand…

A book that attracts more soulmate clients to your work, connects with them, adds value to their lives & helps them take the next step to working with you.

A book which raises your profile, positions you as THE expert in your field; opens doors and creates new opportunities – in the media, as a speaker or guest.  And the great news is, you don’t have to wait around for that dream publishing deal to do it.

But you can’t do that  just by knocking out any old ‘book’ that could have been written by ChatGPT (or was written by ChatGPT).

You’ve got to  set your book up for success: so  it remains relevant, and valuable and sells for months and years – not just on week 1 of your launch. And you need to package it professionally, so it looks at home among the bestsellers in your category. That’s how you level the playing field between your book and traditionally published ones; and that’s exactly what you’ll  learn inside The Soul Works Atelier.


The Soul Works Atelier

is a 9-month Group Book Coaching Program, with LIVE monthly coaching calls, and a complete 5-module self-study course taking you from your

BIG IDEA straight through to launch and beyond!

 It’s time to write your book. THE book.  The NOW book

(because many SWA students have more than one book inside them)

A book that’s both strategic & fills your creative cup…

A book that serves a purpose in your business, but is also written with soul.

A book where your ideal reader (AKA your soulmate client) can hear your voice, and feels connected to you.

A book that, when they eventually put it down, they’ll know…

Know that you are the expert they want to work with/ buy from/ take that next step with…

The non-fiction author whose work they want to continue to follow.

And in 2023, you don’t need a traditional book deal to do that, if you know how…

Join thousands of successful authors using ‘How-to’, self-help and personal development books to share their work with the world

Writing the right book can…

Position you as the expert in your field

Be an Evergreen Client Magnet

Create Speaking & Guest Opportunities

Turn your soul work

into a Soul Works…

A book that’s both strategic & filled with soul…

Cate Butler Ross - Soul Story

Hi, I’m Cate,

Author and book coach,  with 20 years experience writing, editing and commissioning for national magazines; ghost writing for celebrities, and book editing and ghost-writing books for self-published authors.

For the last 5 years, I’ve also been teaching entrepreneurs how to use content to grow their audiences through my membership and programs, and because storytelling is my super power,  earlier this year I published my first book, Soul Story: How to Tell Stories that Call in Your Soul Tribe, and created my own publishing house, The Luminous Press where we publish ‘Books to lose yourself in; and help yourself out.’
Inside The Soul Works Atelier,  I’m bringing all my ever-growing knowledge of writing, storytelling, publishing and book marketing together, so you can finally turn your soul work into a Soul Works, create more opportunities in your life and business, and reach more soul mate clients and customers.

The Soul Works Atelier

Part self-study “How to Write Your Book’ Course; Part Group Book Coaching; Part Writing Community

In each of Soul Works’ 5 modules, I break down the step-by-step of planning, writing, professionally self-publishing and marketing  a successful non-fiction book.

On our monthly Zoom calls you’ll get to ask me your questions, brainstorm ideas, and have your writing workshopped.


You’ll also be writing your book in a supportive community of writers, creatives and entrepreneurs, sharing ideas, encouragement & inspiration.

Learn all  the skills you need

to write a book that grows your brand!

Here’s what you’ll find inside The Soul Works Atelier


Module 1: Your Big Idea

Writing a book can feel like a big and overwhelming project, but just like if you want to do a head stand in yoga or build a house, the strength and success of your book, is all dependent on getting the foundations as strong as you can before you start.

In this module, you’ll first get clear on the purpose of your book, who it’s for and how you make sure you are writing a book your dream reader (AKA ideal client) is looking for right now.

Module 2: How to Write your 1st Draft! 

A first draft is usually pretty messy – and that’s totally okay. But in this module we’re going to make sure that first draft of your manuscript is filled with raw gold. But first, you’ve got to get writing it – so we’ll discuss some practical productivity tips for writers and how to tackle your book project head-on.

Then it’s all about finding your unique voice, and style and tone (because you don’t wanna write a book that sounds like it was written by a robot); and after that we dive into craft. Because there is an art to how you craft a chapter, or an introduction, or how you decide the different elements that will go into your book. And they can all be learnt.


Mug holding pencils

Module 3: Revising & Editing Your Manuscript

How do you get from messy first draft to finished manuscript ready to go? You work through your words, revise it, test it and self-edit it. And in this module you’ll learn exactly how to spot the weak words, weed out the clunky sentences, and take a bird’s eye view of your book, to make sure that it takes your reader on the right journey. Includes a step-by-step on How to revise, edit and improve your final manuscript and get it ready to publish.

Module 4: Production & Publication

Whether you’re a die-hard indie and plan on self-publishing your book, or you dream of a book deal, and hope that getting your book out there will make you more attractive to publishers, in this module, you’ll decide how you want to publish your book; the pros and cons of traditional and self-publishing; an overview of the traditional and self publishing processes; and the best tools, resources and experts to help you ensure your finished book looks at home among the other bestsellers in your categories.

Young child lies on a bed reading a book
Mug holding pencils

Module 5: Marketing Your Book

You have got to market your book. Or no-one is going to find it. In this module we talk book marketing.  And in this module we’ll look at exactly how. Your marketing does not start on the day you hit publish either, so we look at all three stages of the book marketing process: pre-launch, the launch, and on-going marketing techniques, including organic and paid options. Your book is also probably a marketing tool, so we also look at how you can optimise your book and use it as a lead magnet to turn your readers into subscribers and paying customers.

Let’s talk extras

Yep, there’s more!

My Soul Works students also get access to:

  • Soul Story, my complete Storytelling Course to help you un-earth your story goldmine and write original, compelling and unique-to-you content.
  • A private facebook group, hang out with like-minded entrepreneurs, share your progress, connect with new friend and collabortors, and stay connected with your writing community.
  • Copy Class: my crash-course in copywriting so you can write words that move your audience to action.
  • The 'Getting Ready to Write' Bonus series to help you find the writing practices that will support you.
“The course material is brilliant, and covers everything from the structure of a chapter to the editing process, in small, bite-sized chunks that don’t overwhelm you. Cate is a powerhouse for fine-tuning your text, puzzle out where to place your stories, and adding the finishing touches of a word here and there that make you realize “Yes! THAT’s what I meant to say”. She also has the whole background of your business interest and marketing strategy in the back of her mind, and will link you back to your possibilities in each conversation.  

– Angelika Collisi

What I love the most about Soul Works Atelier is the encouragement and support of this wonderful and kind community.

Cate really makes you feel seen and heard with your soul’s book project and supports you in overcoming doubts and imposter syndrome.

Her motto is that everyone has a soul story aka book inside and she really helps you getting it out there also with the support of other fellow writers of the community.

-Sandra Rhodes

“Cate was absolutely amazing at helping me bring my ideas to my consciousness and kept me accountable as I moved through writing my second book. She is patient, understanding and empathetic, and pushes you at the perfect pace to keep you productive without completely overwhelming you.”

– Gemma Ray, Broadcast Journalist, Writer and Best-Selling Author

Cate is an incredibly knowledgable, patient, insightful, inspiring leader who will to help to guide you to write the book your soul is calling for! The programme will help you plan, structure, dig deep to find the content (you may well change your mind about what this is!) and write your book week by week, with a supportive group of like-minded people.”
-Amy Wright

So how much does it cost?

When you join today you’ll get:

“How to write and publish your book” Self-Study Course: Access to 5 modules

Plus access to my courses Soul Story, Copy Class and a bonus “Getting Ready to Write” module

Monthly live group coaching calls

Access to our writers’ facebook group

Access to course material and future updates for lifetime of the program

Discounted Alumni rates for any future cohorts

Investment: £899


You have


More INTEREST in your work

(which leads to)


Ready to start writing today?