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 The First Rule of Write Club?

We don’t talk (much) about writing.

We just Write (lots)

Virtual Writing Retreats for Content Creators

No critiquing, no teaching, no ‘who wants to read out loud?’

Just accountability, good company & a word count that goes up

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It’s the time for getting the words out of your head and onto the page, because that’s how writers get things moving.

And get things finished.

  • Messy first book drafts
  • Weekly blog posts
  • Subscriber newsletters
  • Web copy
  • Novels
  • Social media content

Because you know

You never become a writer ‘one day’

You become a writer when you start writing.


Hi, I’m Cate

 And I’ve been a writer all my life.

From handwritten ‘novels’ I made at my mum’s kitchen table and stapled together with green sugar paper covers, to 15 plus years as a features writer for glossy magazines, right through to ghost writing and editing non-fiction books for visionaries and entrepreneurs.

In fact, I spent so many years writing for other people and helping them put their creative visions into words, I never seemed to have the time to focus on my own writing projects and in early 2022 I realised my dream of building a career as an independent author was slipping through my fingers. 

So I decided it was time to change all that and finally commit to getting my first book written and published before the year was out. That’s when I started Write Club, so I knew no matter what happened in my week I’d spend at least one hour moving my book forward although in reality what it really did was give me focus and momentum. Seven months later I finally had my first book finished and ready to go into production later this summer. Not all Write Clubbers are writing books though, others are bloggers and content creators just looking for the time and space to get their projects written. Because so often being a writer is not about the ‘how’ but more about the when.


You’re problem is not how will you become a writer, but when will you make time for it?

Writer’s Write. They don’t don’t just dream about it. Let’s write together.

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