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The copywriting crash course that helps you make more sales & gets your dream customers stuck on you like Velcro

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When your content’s got crickets; your newsletter = tumbleweed and your website’s constantly in draft mode, Copy Class helps you move your business forward using the most profitable skill an entrepreneur can have – words that work.

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A dreamy new customer’s just found you online! It’s time to tell them how you can totally transform their life and… Oh sorry. They’ve already clicked away.

But don’t panic!

Because it’s not you… it’s your copy

You see, in this crowded online space, if your words don’t hit that sweet spot and fast, your soulmate customers are just too busy to hang about.

Which means that whether you’re writing your website or a social media post, you need to understand how to grab their attention, cut to the chase, speak to their heart’s desire, and get them to realise you’re just what they need and right now!

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So if your words are the gatekeepers to your success, isn’t it about time you learnt the art and science of words that work? 

Introducing: Copy Class

The Copywriting Crash Course for heart-led entrepreneurs ready to turn those crickets into clients who scream: “THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT I NEED!!”

Copy Class is for you if:

  • You’ve got GREAT offers but your dream customers aren’t exactly banging the door down
  • You’re tired of slaving over blogs, emails and social media posts that no-one ever really reads.
  • You can’t go a-single-nother second re-writing your website over and over again… You just want it done already!
  • Worried that you can't show up and sell yourself in a way that feels good and true (and totally not sleazy)

If this sounds like you, then this Copy Class bundle has got you covered…

What’s inside?

Inside Copy Class you’ll get instant access to 6 simple and easy-to-follow lessons, which will teach you the pro copywriting skills that will…

  • Grab your dream customer’s attention in even the noisiest of newsfeeds
  • Craft copy that actually leads to action (that’s your dream customers liking clicking, engaging and buying!).
  • Write better content faster (no more hours crafting copy that could be spent on your actual work)
  • Finally get your website out of draft mode, attracting new leads and making sales.

    Words that work

    Six Jam-packed Modules

    Lesson 1: Copy 101

    How to write clear, persuasive conversational copy that actually sounds like you!

    Lesson 2: The Copywriter's Secret Weapon

    Six essential writing formulas every entrepreneur needs.

    Lesson 3: Winning Web Copy (Part One)

    How to Write Your Home Page

    Lesson 4: Get Your Content Read

    How to write a powerful headline

    Lesson 5: Winning Web Copy (Part Two)

    How to Write Your About Page

    Lesson 6: Winning Web Copy (Part 3)

    How to write a landing page that gets the clicks!

    Hi, I’m Cate!

    I’ve been teaching copywriting skills to my students and clients since 2018 because after more than 15 years writing content for the UK’s top glossies and leading household brands, I know that the art of great copy is the most profitable skill you can have in business – and that anyone can learn it.

    Because you don’t need to be a great writer to craft great copy. In fact, all you need is a basic understanding of copywriting rules, and few simple hacks up your sleeve, to transform your website, sales pages, social media posts and blogs into dream client magnet machines.

    Cate Butler Ross Story Telling Guide by the Luminous Media

    Kind Words

    Here’s what some of my copywriting students say:

    “My welcome email sequence and my open rates went from 30% to 50% and conversion from 2% to 8.5%, which is amazing.”

    – Helen Munshi, Business Coach

    These short easy-to-follow videos are so easy to implement. Copy Class has transformed my understanding of what copy is and it’s helped me to get my website speaking to my ideal clients. “

    Rachel Boswell, Mindset Coach


    Get access now for just £49 (RRP £79).

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