The 1st cohort runs 23.01.2023- 23.04.2023 at a special BETA rate.

A 3-month group program to give you the guidance, confidence & space to turn your knowledge into a brand-building book

Writing your own book with Cate Butler Ross

You love what you do, and what you do changes people’s lives for the better…

You’ve so much knowledge, wisdom & expertise to share (and you probably already have through your content).

But now you’re ready to reach more people with your soul work, in a bigger & more meaningful way….

You’re ready to turn your soul work

into a Soul Works 

That’s a purpose-driven book that will help, heal, guide and inform, but also position you as the go-to person in your field.

The Soul Works Atelier is the space to help you get your book written, with me as your guide and alongside a group of other inspiring, coaches, creatives & heart-led entrepreneur class mates.

Is it for you?

The Soul Works Atelier

Part ‘How to write your book’ course & part group writing coaching.

(NB: This is the BETA round which means it’s being delivered & created live).

This program is for you if…

You’re an action taker

You’re not into excuses

You are excited about becoming an author

You’re a self starter and ready to go for it (this is a procrastination-free zone)

You want it to be the best book you can write now (but are careful not to get stuck in perfectionism)

But you also know that occasionally you’re going to sabotage (and you’re ready to be called out and supported through that);

and that writing a book can feel a long, lonely and daunting process – and  you’re more likely to reach your goal of getting it finished in 2023 with

a writing community around you + an experienced guide to lead you 

But here’s the thing. You don’t want to write just any book

You want to

write THE book.

 The book that will…

Share your message further and wider and

  • Call in your soul tribe (AKA) the people who want what you’ve got and love the way you do it
  • Build your legacy and grow your authority
  • Become your calling card – the place that you can finally sum up what you do, why you do it, and the transformation it can have in the world.
  • Positions you as a leader, and helps you lead the conversation.

The problem is you’re not sure where to start (or how to finish).

Here’s what most aspiring authors do…

Read a ‘how to write your book’ book (which is a great start!), and then they sit down, open up a word document and start writing it. 

And that can work.

For many entrepreneurs, coaches and creatives that’s how they start to write their book… but it’s not how they get it finished.

Cate Butler Ross Story Telling Guide by the Luminous Media
Cate Butler Ross - Soul Story

Trust me, I’m a writer…

I’ve been teaching content and writing to entrepreneurs for the past 5 years. I’ve studied writing and storytelling my whole life; spent 15+ years as a features writer and section editor for some of the UK’s top glossy magazines; I’ve edited books, co-written and ghost written others, and while I’ve had hundreds of thousands of words published and have always dreamed of being an author in my own right, it was only this year that I finally got around to actually finishing (and soon to be publishing) my very own book,  Soul Story.

And so that’s how I know, that it’s not just the knowledge of craft that holds you back from writing a book, but all the other sabotages we throw at ourselves too. And that’s why The SWA isn’t just about teaching you the how, but also supporting you through the whole book-writing rollercoaster until you get to ‘The End’. 



The Soul Works Atelier

The space to turn your knowledge into a brand-building book

Here’s what I know about writing;

You’ve far more chance of getting that book written, published, in people’s hands and on their book shelves, when you have these 2 things to support you:

A Guide to show you how to do it

Ideally a wordsmith with years of experience of professional writing, storytelling and content creation; someone who can guide you through the writing process from start to finish; who understands the craft but also the mindset of a writer and the mind monkeys that really hold you back. But most importantly a guide you can actually ask your questions to (and who’ll be there cheering you on if you start flagging by the roadside).

A Writing Community to Support You

While writing is usually (but not always) a solo affair, it doesn’t have to be a lonely one. Having a group of writers around you who are also writing their own memoirs or expert and self-help books, is the most valuable asset. All coaches, creatives and heart-led entrepreneurs with busy jobs and full lives, who understand the struggle to squeeze your writing in; people with whom you can can share your wins, your highs, your lows and your lessons. Because a bit like being an entrepreneur, being a writer is something most friends and family just don’t get.

Inside The Soul Works Atelier you get both those things:

A guide (that’s me).

A professional writer with 20+ years experience as a national magazine writer, editor and ghostwriter. 

An inspiring community

(this is the ‘atelier’ bit which btw basically means an artist’s workshop or studio).

A bunch of writing buddies you can learn and write alongside.

For the January – April 2023 cohort only you can join the program for a special BETA rate of £888 for 3 months group training and support.

Learn all the skills you need

to craft the best book you can write now

 The program offers 3 months of group book coaching delivered through recorded trainings and live calls.


Here’s what The Soul Works curriculum includes:


The Beginning

  • Your BIG idea.  Choose the right book to write now.  Get clear on what kind of book you’re writing, and decide what is the one big problem that it solves (this is so important for the marketing part later).

  • Creating a writing practice. There’s no point joining a book writing program if you can’t find time to write. Or spend the whole time in ‘preparing to write mode’. That’s why from the off you’ll be encouraged to create a plan for fitting your writing practice into a busy life. Yes, writing a book takes some planning, but something we’ll be encouraging from the outset is establishing a dedicated writing practice to ensure you’re writing while you’re preparing.

  • Creating a plan. You’ll learn how to create a solid outline and table of contents for your book which will give your writing structure,  keep you on track and the end in sight!

The Middle

Once the groundwork and foundations are in place, that’s when it all starts taking form into a book. This is where you’ll learn how to:

    • Gather your material – choosing what needs to go into your book (and what doesn’t)
    • Finding your stories – We’ll talk about how to weave stories into your book (this is so important for the injection of soul, know/like/trust, and also for originality
    • Setting yourself achievable deadlines. I’m an advocate for writing in flow, creating from the heart and showing up when your inspiration does. But inspiration is what gets a book started –  not what gets a book finished.  What does get it written? Breaking your writing down into small achievable goals.


Mug holding pencils

The End.

  • Revision and self-editing – because books aren’t written, they are re-written. This is such an important skill to learn, and I can teach you how to become an editing ninja.

  • Optimising your book. A book for your business may still be the book of your heart, but it isn’t just a work of creativity. It’s also a powerful marketing tool. So it makes sense to make your book a many layered opportunity to dive deeper with you. We’ll be talking about how.

  • Writing your book jacket – how to write a punchy blurb that’s going to get your book in their basket.

  • Deciding how to publish – the pros and cons of self publishing versus traditional (FYI after a lot of thought and research I am a huge fan of self publishing and going indie. It’s not vanity publishing anymore, it’s a savvy and entrepreneurial choice. But there are pros and cons to both routes which we can discuss!).

BONUS: Access to my storytelling course SOUL STORY

In addition to all of this, you’ll also get access to my Storytelling for entrepreneurs course Soul Story, to help you unearth your story goldmine, awaken your inner storyteller, and learn how to tell a darn good yarn.

(Soul Story RRP £299)


Young child lies on a bed reading a book

The Soul Works Atelier helps you turn your knowledge into a finished book ready to reach more of your soulmate clients with your message.


Let’s talk details

What does it include?

The Program includes:

  • Weekly pre-recorded video trainings
  • Get feedback and support on your book via group coaching calls
  • Get your Questions answered in live Q&As
  • Stay motivated, focused and inspired, connecting with your classmates in a private facebook group

When you want to grow your legacy

You’ve created lots of content for social media but now you’re ready to grow your authority and make more of an impact by putting all that value into a book

When you love writing but need guidance

You love to write but such a big project feels overwhelming. You know that if you’re going to get your book started and over the finish line you need a guide.

When you can't get it finished

You’ve tried to write your book already, but your momentum keeps fizzling out and it never gets finished. You know you work best with a defined time frame and a community to cheer you on.

When your tired of not being an author

You’re already an expert, but you desperately want to add author to your bio. You don’t want to go another year with it on your ‘to do’ list. You know the book you want to write, and you’re ready to write it now.

“Cate was absolutely amazing at helping me bring my ideas to my consciousness and kept me accountable as I moved through writing my second book. She is patient, understanding and empathetic, and pushes you at the perfect pace to keep you productive without completely overwhelming you.”

– Gemma Ray, Broadcast Journalist, Writer and Best-Selling Author

“Your coaching empowered me to tell my story in my true voice. To shed the corporate rhetoric that I have been pumping out for years. To let the events that have shaped me and drive me every day shine through for what they are. Thanks doesn’t quite cut it.”

-Ashlie Collins, Entrepreneur

All the details so far

& price

This is a BETA round which means the course material is brand new, will often be created as we go and most likely in response to what you as my first cohort, needs most. The brand new nature of this program is therefore is reflected in the price for the January – April Cohort Only with a special BETA price.

When you join this BETA round you will get:

Pre-recorded trainings covering how to plan, write and edit your book

Live Q&A sessions (at least one a month)

Live coaching calls via zoom (at least one a month)

Access to free facebook group

Access to any future updates and live rounds

All for a one-time payment:

Early Bird (available up to and including 31st December 2022): £488

Standard BETA rate: £888


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