The monthly membership for coaches, visionaries & entrepreneurs

who want to turn their knowledge and expertise into


(that’s books, blogs, newsletters, articles & courses

that build your legacy & call in your soul tribe).

Because, you want to reach more people with your soul work but you can’t always be live in your business.

You need your words and ideas to be reaching out and working even when you’re not.

You need  a bank of legacy-building, authority growing, soul-driven content

But what’s the plan?

How do you create it?

Where do you start?

   Welcome to Create Dot Ink

The online members’ club for coaches, visionaries & entrepreneurs who want expert help in turning their knowledge & expertise into soul-driven books, blogs, newsletters, articles and courses that grow your legacy, build your authority & call in your soul tribe.

It’s time to fall in love with your content; to tap into your heart voice & make it a creative outlet & full expression of you

(because that’s what makes you truly magnetic)

But it’s also about getting practical. Learning the expert writing and content creation techniques that will help you 

plan, create & publish evergreen & signature content

So you can grow an audience of super fans (who are also ideal customers) that love and want everything you do.


Here’s what’s on offer inside Create Dot Ink

Member’s Only Live Q&A Call

Join me live every month for a member’s only Q&A. Connect with and be inspired by your fellow creators and get your questions around writing, publishing, copy and content answered by me.

Content Masterclasses

Attraction marketing is every creator’s best friend which is why content marketing is where it’s at. Get full access to 20 Fearless Content Masterclasses that show you how to use content to attract, connect with and nurture your soul tribe.

Get Your Words Working

Stop the scroll with words that work. Get access to my copywriting crash course Copy Class and learn the copy skills you need to write your website, whip up landing pages that get the clicks, and take the pain out of the blank page.


Hi, I’m Cate

If you’re a coach or entrepreneur who wants to reach more people with their soul work and turn their expertise and knowledge into books, blogs, articles, newsletters and courses, but it all feels so overwhelming, I can help you.

With more than two decades experience in content writing for magazines, brand websites, ghost writing and book editing, I know that great content is about 3 things:

1. Finding your voice and being the fullest expression of you (because that’s what calls in your soul tribe)

2: Copy & Content writing skills. Because while I’m a huge advocate of writing from the heart and letting it all flow out,  we also want people to stay engaged and read to the end (AKA the CTA) so a little basic copy and content writing skill gets you a loooong way.

3. Plan & Process: Creating a heart-led empire of soul-driven, legacy-building evergreen content doesn’t happen by accident, you know. It a plan, a process and a production schedule. Particularly if you don’t want to get totally overwhelmed, confunded and confused. That’s where productivity hacks and techniques are content creators best friend, and as someone who’s worked in publishing since leaving school, it’s second nature to me.

Inside Create Dot Ink you get access to everything I’ve learnt about content writing, planning and publishing over a 20+ year career

But it’s also the most beautiful community space, where you can surround yourself with other inspiring coaches, creatives, visionaries and entrepreneurs turning their knowledge into content with a heartbeat (AKA content which leads from the heart and is the fullest expression of you). Join our monthly group Q&A and accountability calls, as well as access my expert trainings in copywriting, article writing, messaging, content planning and content creation, and 10+ bonus guest expert content marketing trainings that cover PR, affiliate marketing, visibility, social media and SEO – all the resources you need to create content that calls in your soul tribe

Join the community today and start creating legacy content today

“I’m never leaving this membership! When I first joined I had so many doubts about my ability to write or be visible in my business. Now I write daily and it all flows out of me. I show up in my business feeling confident & excited knowing what action I have to take and I love the level of creativity I’ve found. “

– Rachel Boswell, Mindset Coach

“I have become more comfortable being vulnerable about my story and message and as a result just had my biggest month selling my services! So grateful to Cate for this space. “

– Cheryl Kasper, therapist

Members of Create Dot Ink are…

Creatives, heart-led entrepreneurs and visionaries who love to write and communicate but want to do it in a way that feels good and aligned with their values.

Multi-passionate creators, bursting with ideas for new projects, but need help with the focus, encouragement and know-how to see them through.

Business owners who want to make writing and creativity a bigger part of their life and work

They want to write the books, the blogs, the articles because they love creating – but they’ve also got their business hats on too. This is not just a hobby, they want to turn their ideas into new revenue streams, no matter how big or small.

It’s time to get unstuck & start putting your content out there.

“The resources Cate provides are amazing! They’ve really helped me to nail what I’m trying to say in a way that’s more readable and focused for my audience. There’s so much information in her course that I’m only part way through but I can see the difference it’s making already.”

– Anne Gilkes, Sobriety Coach

I love being part of Cate’s membership. Not only is the vibe of the whole group upbeat and supportive, the trainings are incredible! I’ve learnt so much and it’s really helped me to get clear on my message, my mission and vision which are all so important for a new coaching biz like mine. I’m so glad I joined things are getting clearer & clearer by the day.”

– Louise Howard, Business Coach

Join our Inspiring community of entrepreneurs creating books, planners, blogs, courses, podcasts (& so much more)

for only £24 per month


By the way! Even if the monthly membership price goes up for new joiners – yours will always stay fixed at the price you signed up at.

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