The monthly membership for coaches, creatives and leaders ready to grow their brands online through content with a heartbeat

Find your voice, amplify your message, get visible and grow your brand with all the support and training you need to create content with a heartbeat so you can attract more soul aligned and make more money from your soul.

“I know I’ve got to show up more consistently but I don’t know what to say!”

“I am definitely getting visible – so why aren’t I getting any engagement?”

“I have no idea how to explain what makes me different – I’m just blending in!”

“I don’t know how to sound like the real me!”

“I want to share my story and be known for what I do – but I’m hiding”

“I feel like a slave to social media for so little return – there’s got to be another way!”

Struggling to sound like you?

It’s ok, and you’re right; there is another way.
A way where content doesn’t feel overwhelming, or a chore, or a total freaking mystery…
A way where you don’t have to work it out all alone.

Growing an online business, getting visible, sharing your message and attracting your soulmate clients can feel so overwhelming

Because it’s not just about getting visible and being consistent – it’s about realising where you’re hiding so you can start sharing the message that’s truly on your heart and going to attract soulmate clients.

It’s not about churning out a bunch of social media posts and hoping for the best – it’s about being intentional and using words and formulas that work and move your audience to action;

It’s not just about being seen and heard – it’s about being seen and heard and remembered for the thing you’re here to share with the world (AKA your story and your soul work).

Cate Butler Ross Story Telling Guide by the Luminous Media

And it’s not just about the actual content. It’s about being savvy about how to get more eyeballs on your brand, and drive traffic to what you’re creating, so you can have more time to do what you love. Because that’s what you really want, right?

What if you could get all the support you needed to do all of this so you can create a successful online business where you’re seen, heard and known for what you do… without spending your life savings getting help with the how?

What if you could get monthly access to a messaging expert, professional copywriter, story coach and content professional, as well as the chance to pick the brains and learn from a host of other tech and digital marketing experts…?

Welcome to Fearless Content

Fearless Content is the online members’ club for heart-led coaches, creatives and light leaders, ready to find their voice and create powerful content with a heartbeat, so they can reach more soulmate clients and grow successful and aligned online businesses

If you’re ready to stop hiding and start shining your light, you’re gonna like Fearless Content….

  • Ready to stop playing small but don't know how to make a BIGGER impact
  • Confused about how to leverage the power of your story to attract your soul tribe
  • Desperate to get off the content marketing hamster wheel and focus on the stuff that works for you and your business
  • Confused over how to drive traffic to your offerings without spending a fortune on ads
  • Worried that you can't show up and sell yourself in a way that feels good and true (and totally not sleazy)

… then you need to join Fearless Content today

Here’s what you’ll find inside:


Monthly in-depth content trainings from online marketing experts, tech pros & leading content creators

Get instant access to an ever-growing library of expert trainings designed to help you find your voice, communicate your soul work, reach more people with your message and grow your brand through the number 1 money-making strategy in online business: great content.

Every month you’ll get access to a brand new expert masterclass in everything from social selling & SEO, to visibility, storytelling, product spectrums, funnels, email marketing, high-converting freebies and more.

Get Your Words Working

You can be the best at what you do, but unless you know how to write copy that connects, compels and converts, no-one’s ever going to find you. Which is why we run a monthly Copy Class training inside Fearless Content so you can finally understand how to write powerful copy that moves your audience to action. It’s time to get your website out of draft mode, stop spending hours over one social media post (that only gets crickets), and start writing words that work, with the techniques, tricks, tips and hacks used by the pros.

If you’re ready to get your words working today, join us.

“I’m never leaving this membership! When I joined Fearless Content I had so many doubts about my ability to write or be visible in my business. Now I write daily and it all flows out of me. I show up in my business feeling confident & excited knowing what action I have to take and I love the level of creativity I’ve found. “

– Rachel Boswell, Mindset Coach

“Since being a part of Fearless Content I have become more comfortable being vulnerable about my story and message and as a result just had my biggest month selling my services! So grateful to Cate for this space. “

– Cheryl Kasper, therapist

Expert eyes on your message, story & content

And because sometimes we need a little extra support when trying to refine our message, share our story and get our ideas out into the world, members all have access to a monthly hot seat call – your chance to get whatever you’re working on workshopped by an expert in messaging, copywriting and storytelling. Get constructive feedback, done with you support and expert advice directly on your social media posts, web copy, landing pages and freebies.

It’s time to stop getting stuck & start getting your work out there.

“The resources Cate provides are amazing! They’ve really helped me to nail what I’m trying to say in a way that’s more readable and focused for my audience. There’s so much information in her course that I’m only part way through but I can see the difference it’s making already.”

– Anne Gilkes, Sobriety Coach

I love being part of Cate’s membership. Not only is the vibe of the whole group upbeat and supportive, the trainings are incredible! I’ve learnt so much and it’s really helped me to get clear on my message, my mission and vision which are all so important for a new coaching biz like mine. I’m so glad I joined things are getting clearer & clearer by the day.”

– Louise Howard, Business Coach

It’s not that content doesn’t work for you, it’s quite simply that you haven’t got the tools and know-how…

Members of Fearless Content are just like you.

Coaches, creatives, light workers and heart-led entrepreneurs who want to reach more people with their message and have a bigger impact; but want to do it in a way that feels good and aligned with their values.

They’re entrepreneurs who’ve struggled to work out their message alone (and it’s like trying to read a label from the inside);

They’re future leaders with a powerful story to share with the world – but no idea how to share it in a way that is powerful and empowered

They’ve posted through the crickets on social media and felt more and more demoralised – “What am I doing wrong?”

They’ve felt scared to get visible and spent far too long hiding behind sabotage and limiting beliefs, instead of getting out there and spreading their light far and wide.

They’ve done all the things the marketing gurus have told them to do but really want to approach their marketing heart-led not hard sell.

If you’re ready to find your voice, step into your truth and call in your soul tribe through powerful heart-led communications, content and storytelling, then Fearless Content is for you.

As a member of Fearless Content you’ll be encouraged to unhide yourself and learn how to unapologetically communicate your soul work, so you can create the impact you dream about. You’ll be supported in finding the content marketing strategy that works best for you and your business (don’t like social media? No problem, it’s not the only way to do business online).

You have important work to do.

And there are far too many incredible change-makers, light workers and way-finders nobody has ever heard of, simply because they don’t have the tools, skills, encouragement or the accountability to be seen and heard.

That’s what you’ll get inside Fearless Content.

Member’s Only space to get real time support

Plus you’ll get access to a private member’s only facebook group where you can get access to me, and connect with other heart-led entrepreneurs on the exact same journey that you’re on – getting visible, finding their voice, and creating an aligned and powerful content marketing strategy that works for their business and lifestyle.

for only £30 per month


By the way! Even if the monthly membership price goes up for new joiners – yours will always stay fixed at the price you signed up at.

Hi, I’m Cate

I’m Cate Butler Ross, a writer, mentor and communications expert, and this is The Luminous, a new media and online learning platform helping coaches, creatives and light leaders reach more people with their important work.

As a national magazine journalist I’ve been helping women share their message and their stories since the early 2000s; from Oscar winners and Olympians, to Industry leaders and Activists – now I want to help you do the same. Because although everyone has a platform these days, not everyone has found their voice.

Let me help you, so you can call in your soul tribe.

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You know you’re meant for bigger things & dream of becoming known for what you do, but right now you’re confused, you’re overwhelmed and you’re hiding.

It’s time to stop winging your content, and get the tools, support, training and skills you need to find your voice, and step into the online leader you really are

So… are you ready to ditch the crickets and start getting
Fearless with your Content?