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I’m a Book coach, author, ghostwriter, ex-journalist, founder of The Luminous Press and former traditional publishing snob turned self-publishing convert.

And while editing and consulting on more than 12 self-published non-fiction books, ghostwriting four (as well as finally managing to squeeze in one book of my own), I became obsessed with one question: What is the real difference between a book that skyrockets an authors authority and blows up their business, and one that just fizzles and dies? And after years of analysing my favourite authors who’d used books as launch pads to sell thousands of programmes and speak on the biggest stages, I realised that the key to a great business book, lay in the sweet spot between what I’d spent years doing as a journalist and what I taught and practised as a content marketer. This led me to create a sort of book formula for the self-published expert, so they too can write a book that explodes their business, without having to wait around for a book deal or winging it. And inside Plan Your Book in 60 Minutes, I share it all.



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What Cate’s Book Clients say…

“The best in the business!”
My book wouldn’t exist without you! Your constant belief, support, encouragement, guidance, time, energy, attention, care and complete holding of vision with me. I can’t think of anyone else I’d rather team up with on this or any future publications. You are the best in the business and I look forward to more collabs in the future.

Louise George, Coach, Actress, Speaker & Author of Manifestation Freq

“I’ve finally got a coherent book strategy for my solo book!”
Just one session with Cate was a massive breakthrough to clarity on my book journey. I’ve had writing my first solo book on my vision board for over a year, and in just 90 minutes Cate broke down all of my ideas and organised them into a coherent book strategy so I can now finally start writing. I loved watching her work her magic!

– Raimonda Jan, Founder of Women Thrive Media and Women Thrive Summit

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