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The Book Breakthrough 


Get clear on the book you need to write  to sky-rocket your authority and hit your business goals. Walk away with a bespoke book plan & strategy in just 90 mins!

 Imagine having your whole book planned & strategised in one 90 minute session?

So you can get unstuck, stop procrastinating & finally get your book written & calling in dream clients and customers.

That’s exactly what happens on a Book Breakthrough Session with Cate. Arrive, confused, overwhelmed, and scattered; leave with a rock-solid plan and a strategy for writing a book that will sky-rocket your authority and turn your dream readers into dream clients. 

Because the truth is, you can’t just write any book and hope a good launch and marketing plan will iron out the kinks.

Book Strategy is baked into the book you write; it’s the hook, it’s the promise; it’s the problem your book solves, you’ve got to get it right from the out-set, or your book just won’t get the results you want.  Walk away, not only knowing what you need to do, but with a bespoke blueprint to follow.

Plus, if you decide you want to work with me more, I’ll credit you the cost of the session against my group program or 1:1 coaching!

If you’re writing a book to short-cut authority and drive more customers towards you signature offer, that strategy needs to be baked into your book from the outset.

Here’s how the session works:

If you’re writing a book to short-cut your authority and drive more customers to your signature offer, that strategy needs to be baked into your book from the outset.

Here’s how the session works


Once you’ve signed up, we’ll send you a Deep Dive Questionnaire on you, your business, your goals and your book (this in itself is invaluable for insight and clarity)


We jump on a 90 minute 1:1 Zoom call, where we go fast, and get clear on the hook and promise of your book and how it links to your goals and could fit into a book funnel.


Create or tweak your existing outline to make sure your book is tight, and talk about how you can weave the extra elements that create connection and build relationships.



Once you’ve gone away and implemented what you’ve got, we then jump on a final 30 minute call so you can ask me any questions that have come up with your plan.

Hey, I’m Cate

I’m an author, ghost-writer, book coach and founder of The Luminous Press, and I am serious about your voice, your story and your work reaching more of your soulmate clients through a book.

Plus, PSA: you don’t need some fancy book deal to be a successful author. In fact, if you’re an entrepreneur, you’ve either already got or can easily access all the tools you need to write a book that will blow up your business; you just need a guide.

I’ve been coaching, co-writing and ghost writing for self-published authors since 2013; I spent 15+ years writing for top glossy magazines, and taught content to online business owners for five years. I’ve brought everything I know about writing, publishing and online business together, to help you write a great book that will be your lead magnet, business card and ultimate piece of evergreen content.

I can show you not only how to plan, draft, write and finish your book, but how to build a funnel around it too, so it looks more than just look good on your bookshelf; it actually drives traffic to your signature offer from day one.



If you’re investing your precious time and energy

into writing a book,

it’s got to do more than look good on your bookshelf.

All my book coaching follows my Signature Authors Dot Ink Framework

What makes book coaching with me different?

Most writing coaches just focus on helping you write and finish a good book; most self-publishing houses, just want to help you make it look professional. But at I know that for your book to be truly successful, it needs to bring in more than just the cover price.

Your book also needs to be generating more interest in your work; more influence in your field; and more income to your bank account. And that’s why we follow a special framework consisting of  four unique pillars, to help you write the book that will blow up your business.

Our 4 key pillars are:




and Switch.



This is where it starts; because the idea is everything. Get this bit wrong and you’re whole book game is being built on quicksand.


But writing a book should never be some cynical marketing activity (and if it is, your reader will know). It’s got to have personality, connection & alignment too. 


That’s your story and your stories. Because this is what raises your book up from a bland old ‘how to’ or badly-disguised brochure; to something that’s compelling, engaging & uniquely yours. 


This is the conversion. Because you can serve them so much more when they invest in your services. That’s why your book funnel needs to be designed to switch dream reader to dream client.

“The process of writing Cate takes you through has meant that I have managed to get chapters written despite having young kids and a business, and it has all felt achievable. No retreat to the Outer Hebrides needed. I have loved the course, teaching and the community it has given me.

-Rebecca, Play Therapy Expert

I’d been sitting on my book project for years! I knew I needed some help getting my content off the Trello board, but was overwhelmed with knowing where to start. This program is packed with resources on how to craft and publish your book. I’m looking at the project in a simple, step by step way now and that makes the book much easier to write. The group calls were helpful in trouble-shooting and connecting with inspiring business owners.

~ Sarah, Strategy & Alignment Coach


“Cate was absolutely amazing at helping me bring my ideas to my consciousness and kept me accountable as I moved through writing my second book. She is patient, understanding and empathetic, and pushes you at the perfect pace to keep you productive without completely overwhelming you.”

– Gemma Ray, Broadcast Journalist, Writer and Best-Selling Author

“Cate is a powerhouse for fine-tuning your text, puzzling out where to place your stories, and adding the finishing touches of a word here and there that make you realise ‘Yes! That’s what I meant to say.’ She also has the whole background of your business interest and marketing strategy in the back of her mind, and will link you back to your possibilities in each conversation.”


~ Angelika, Leadership Coach


Ready to Start?

Here’s a quick re-cap of what you’ll get

– Get a Deep Dive Questionnaire to be filled out in advance of our call, to get clear on you, your business, and what you want your book to do for your brand

– We jump on a 1:1 Zoom Call, where we go through your questionnaire, and from there get clear on your book’s hook, irresistible promise, and plan out a book funnel to drive readers towards your signature offers and newsletter.

– We’ll also create or tweak your outline, to make sure the content is tight (and you have a set of writing prompts to work from)

– A week after our call, we’ll have a quick 30 minute follow up so you can ask me anymore questions that have come up for you.

– And if you decide you want to work with me as your book coach, I’ll credit the cost of the Book Brekthrough Session against my group program or 1:1 Coaching, so it’s a great way to get a taster of what it’s like to work with me!

Book your Breakthrough Package today for just £495

(and don’t forget, if you decide you want to carry on working with me, you’ll get your Book Breakthrough session credited against my group program or 1:1 coaching)

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