Write the Book

That Will Blow-Up

Your Business!

Write the Book That Will Blow-Up Your Business!

The 12-month book coaching program that helps you write & publish an expert book and set up a book funnel that will turn dream readers into soulmate clients from day one.

 You’re ready to write your book.

But you don’t want to write just any book.

You want to write the book.

The book that’s going to sky-rocket your authority & make you more money.

But it feels a bit overwhelming. And lonely.

You don’t have a book deal (and FYI, you don’t need one for your book to be a success), but you’re ready to get it out there whatever it takes

Here’s the problem: without someone with expert publishing knowledge at your back, how do you know if you’re writing the right book for your market and your business goals?

How do you wrestle all those ideas, stories and lessons into a clear and compelling outline you can steadily work through?

How will you stay on track through each draft? How will you get un-stuck when you lose your way, hit a block or get in a muddle?

And once it’s finished, then what?

It’s ok. You just need…

A writing coach; a publishing strategist;

a book collaborator; and an author community.

And that’s what you get inside Authors Dot Ink

A writing coach; a publishing strategist; a book collaborator; and an author community.

And that’s what you get inside Authors Dot Ink

Writing your own book with Cate Butler Ross

YOU are an established & highly-successful coach, entrepreneur or thought-leader.

And you know a book is the next thing you want to create for your business as a powerful lead magnet & business card.

You want your book to position you as an authority in your field…

To give genuine actionable value, but also to sound like you & feel like you too, so it doesn’t read like some dull manual.

And when your dream reader gets to the last page, you want them to know…

…Know that YOU are the expert they trust most to invest in/ work with/ take that next step with…

And because you wrote your book with this in mind from the start, everything about your book, from it’s title and it’s tone, to its calls to action, have been designed to make that happen…

The success of an expert book shouldn’t be measured in sales, but in the number of dream clients & collaborators it attracts.

To write a great book and turn it into a powerful

revenue-generating tool, there are a few essentials

your average writing coach or self-publishing press

don’t teach you.

You need to create a powerful hook that your dream client (the person most likely to buy your products and services) will drop EVERYTHING to read about right now.

You need a Table of Contents that’s packed with fluff-free value they actually understand, can take action on, and will get them results. 

You need to find your voice so it sounds like you, while also weaving in natural references to your work and offers in a way that feels good, not sleazy.

You need an irresistible Call to Action and a slick and effective funnel, so that the last page of your book is the first step on their journey with you.

Hey, I’m Cate

I’m an author, ghost-writer, book coach and founder of The Luminous Press, and I am serious about your voice, your story and your work reaching more of your soulmate clients through a book.

Plus, PSA: you don’t need some fancy book deal to be a successful author. In fact, if you’re an entrepreneur, you’ve either already got or can easily access all the tools you need to write a book that will blow up your business; you just need a guide.

I’ve been coaching, co-writing and ghost writing for self-published authors since 2013; I spent 15+ years writing for top glossy magazines, and taught content to online business owners for five years. Inside Authors Dot Ink, I’ve brought everything I know about writing, publishing and online business together, to help you write a great book that will be your lead magnet, business card and ultimate piece of evergreen content.

I’ve analysed tens of best-selling how-to and expert books and their funnels, so I can show you not only how to plan, draft, write and finish your book, but how to build a funnel around it too, so that when it’s finished, your book does more than just look good on your bookshelf; it actually drives traffic to your signature offer from day one.



If you’re investing your precious time and energy

into writing a book,

it’s got to do more than look good on your bookshelf.

If you’re investing your precious time and energy into writing a book, it’s got to do more than look good on your bookshelf.

That’s where Authors Dot Ink Comes in…

What makes this program different?

Most writing coaches just focus on helping you write and finish a good book; most self-publishing houses, just want to help you make it look professional. But at Authors Dot Ink we know that for your book to be truly successful, it needs to bring in more than just the cover price.

Your book also needs to be generating more interest in your work; more influence in your field; and more income to your bank account. And that’s why we follow a special framework consisting of  four unique pillars, to help you write the book that will blow up your business.

Our 4 key pillars are:




and Switch.



This is where it starts; because the idea is everything. Get this bit wrong and you’re whole book game is being built on quicksand.


But writing a book should never be some cynical marketing activity (and if it is, your reader will know). It’s got to have personality, connection & alignment too. 


That’s your story and your stories. Because this is what raises your book up from a bland old ‘how to’ or badly-disguised brochure; to something that’s compelling, engaging & uniquely yours. 


This is the conversion. Because you can serve them so much more when they invest in your services. That’s why your book funnel needs to be designed to switch dream reader to dream client.

“I signed up on a whim, and I am so glad I did. The process of writing Cate takes you through has meant that I have managed to get chapters written despite having young kids and a business, and it has all felt achievable. No retreat to the Outer Hebrides needed. I have loved the course, teaching and the community it has given me.

-Rebecca, Play Therapy Expert

I’d been sitting on my book project for years! I knew I needed some help getting my content off the Trello board, but was overwhelmed with knowing where to start. This program is packed with resources on how to craft and publish your book. I’m looking at the project in a simple, step by step way now and that makes the book much easier to write. The group calls were helpful in trouble-shooting and connecting with inspiring business owners.

~ Sarah, Strategy & Alignment Coach


Live & 1:1 Book Coaching

Every Other Week

Whatever stage you are at on your book journey, inside Authors Dot Ink you will be fully supported, with live group coaching calls, where you can get your questions answered, your pages hot-seated and your ideas brainstormed.

Whether you’ve written yourself into a corner, are feeling blocked, need accountability, inspiration or motivation, these sessions are designed to keep you on track and your word count going up.

Trainings are in a self-paced, self-study online course

Trainings are in a self-paced,

self-study online course

You’ll get immediate access to all modules when you join.

Here’s exactly you’ll be learning….

Join our

Co-Writing Sessions

Join our Co-Writing Sessions

Once a month you’ll also get access to Write Club, our online co-writing session.

This is a no-teach call with limited chat because the first rule of Write Club, is we don’t talk about writing in Write Club. We just write. Use these sessions to get out of procrastination and let your words flow.

Once a month, all Authors Dot Ink students gather on Zoom and commit to closing down all other distractions for 60 minutes of timed writing sprints. This accountability and focus is a powerful way to help you hit your writing goals.

Plus get your hands on this amazing bonus…

Learn how to tell your story

Get access to my complete storytelling course

– Awaken your inner storyteller

– Unearth Your Story Goldmine

– Learn a simple storytelling formula

– Expert Skills on how to tell a story like a pro

– How to use storytelling to get your ideas remembered

“Cate was absolutely amazing at helping me bring my ideas to my consciousness and kept me accountable as I moved through writing my second book. She is patient, understanding and empathetic, and pushes you at the perfect pace to keep you productive without completely overwhelming you.”

– Gemma Ray, Broadcast Journalist, Writer and Best-Selling Author

“Cate is a powerhouse for fine-tuning your text, puzzling out where to place your stories, and adding the finishing touches of a word here and there that make you realise ‘Yes! That’s what I meant to say.’ She also has the whole background of your business interest and marketing strategy in the back of her mind, and will link you back to your possibilities in each conversation.”


~ Angelika, Leadership Coach


It’s time to get your book out there

& grow your business

It’s time to get your book out there & grow your business

Ready to Start Writing?

Here’s a quick re-cap of what you’ll get

– 12 Months Book Coaching inside an intimate and inspiring community

– Self-paced 5 Module course taking you step-by-step through your book journey process

– Join me live twice a month to get your questions answered and your pages hot-seated

– Get your word count up with Write Club, our co-writing session

– Set your book up for success with our Book Funnel focused training

– Start marketing your book from day one with our one-page book marketing plan

– Members only Private Facebook Group


Soul Story: How to tell stories that call in your soul tribe

NEW YEAR OFFER: Start the Year inside Authors Dot Ink and get a full 12 months support at no extra cost! 


(+ get a bonus 45 minute 1:1 session

with Cate)




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Join us today for £375 and split your investment across 12 months 



Pay £375 x 12 months 


Payment Plan

Add 1 x 90min + 5 x 60 min 1:1 sessions

Pay £541 x 12 months 

PIF option on request

Let’s get your book off the bucket list

& into Your Dream Client or Collaborator’s Hands

Let’s get your book off the bucket list & into Your Dream Client or Collaborator’s Hands

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