You don’t need to wait for a deal to write The Book that will sky-rocket your authority, open new doors and drive dream clients to your signature offer

Writing your own book with Cate Butler Ross

“Author” has been on your vision board for years now.

You know that the right book will explode your authority and open the doors that would otherwise remain closed.

You’re so ready to follow in the footsteps of legends like:

  • Denise Duffield Thomas, the millionairess who self-published her first book, Lucky B*tch in a month and has since sold her programmes to more than 9,000 people.
  • Robert Kiyosaki who after self-publishing Rich Dad, Poor Dad, landed a slot on Oprah and is now the no.1 author on personal finance
  • Mike Michalowicz, author of Profit First whose first self-published book was his launchpad to becoming one of the most in-demand global business speakers

Because that’s when you stop competing with everyone and become the go-to expert who’s no.1 in your niche.

Cate Butler Ross - Soul Story

That’s when  you get magazine covers and invited to do TED Talks.

That’s when  you get coverage in iconic titles such as Vogue and are invited to speak on bigger stages

That’s when you become the obvious choice in your field…

…and your signature programme fills itself because your book funnel’s driving a consistent flow of people ready to take the next step with you.

But your book never makes it to the top of your to-do list

because you’re already running a successful business and juggling a personal life:

how would you fit it in?

My clients tell me that they’ve put off writing their books for years because they thought it would take too much time.

But when we work together they’re surprised at quickly it unfolds. 

And that’s because there’s a specific way to collapse timelines so you can become a published author in a matter of weeks

which is totally achievable.

But when coaches, experts and entrepreneurs hear this, two things happen:

1. They get really  excited because they know this is the only way their book is going to get written

2. They immediately start to doubt themselves and think it’s too good to be true

Hi, I’m Cate

And when I first started working on non-fiction books as an editor, co-writer and ghostwriter in 2013, I’d probably have agreed that it was too good to be true. But having written five books, and edited and consulted on more than 15 others, almost all of the authors I’ve worked with who’ve seen their books through to the end, have a secret weapon:

they move fast.

Which means we get their book finished in one intensive stint from as little as 8 weeks. And the reason I know that’s possible for you comes down to these three things:

1. You know your message inside out

You’ve created content  that’s bang on the money for years, which means  everything you need to say to your dream reader is already at your fingertips so once you start, it will flow fast.

2. You’re ready to make it a commitment 

When you remember why your book is such a game-changer and give yourself an edgy deadline to work towards, success becomes non-negotiable and your book comes to life fast.

3. You have a proven step-by-step framework to follow

Every great book follows a formula, and when you know what that is, getting your book finished becomes a simple step-by-step.

And the great news is, today’s bestselling books can actually be shorter than ever. Seth Godin and Spencer Johnson have made an artform out of the small but mighty book and you can too.

You don’t have to write a 50,000+ word book. We can get a powerful book out that’s just 15,000-30,000 words, which means even if you wrote just 350 words a day you’d still get your book done within 12 weeks.

“It’s not that I couldn’t have written this without Cate’s support, but I had been working on this for ten years, so working with Cate has collapsed timelines, and has meant that I have been completely held and supported every step of the way. There is no one better than Cate to support you on this journey. She is the most brilliant writer, editor, publisher. You will be completely guided and supported and nurtured and loved every step of the way, and no one is going to care about your book and your work and your message as much as Cate and her team does.”

– Book Coaching Client Louise George, Founder and Author of Manifestation Freq

You can finish your book in as little as 8 weeks when you’ve got a MAP:

Mindset: Because writer’s block is real and shows up in the sneakiest of ways, so having a means of spotting those sneaking sabotages and clearing them quickly is crucial to keeping the words flowing

Accountability: You need a way to stay accountable to your book, that will keep you on track and in momentum, because excuses can’t catch you when you’re moving quickly towards and edgy but realistic deadline

Plan: Creating a book is multi-faceted, and the overwhelm can be paralysing. But when you have a clear set of steps to follow that will take you from idea to finished book, you can stop worrying about how you’re going to get there, and just focus on getting it done.

Cate Butler Ross Story Telling Guide by the Luminous Media

But here’s the thing, no matter how fast you write it,

you don’t have time to write the wrong book.

You don’t just want an Amazon Bestseller badge (or to use dodgy tactics just to say you’ve got one), you want to create a book that is part of your legacy

A book that actually gets results, creates new opportunities, and positions you as the thought-leader you are.

A book that does more than look good on your shelf.

Which means you’ve got to write The Book

Too many expert authors have written books that have little to no impact on their business, and it’s such a waste of time, energy and money.

So when my clients started coming to me with support with their books, I became obsessed with one question:


What’s the REAL difference between an un-put-downable book that makes you the go-to household name in your niche and the expert books that fizzle and die…?

And after years of analysing my favourite authors who’d used books as launch pads to sell thousands of programmes and speak on the biggest stages, I realised that the key to a great business book, lay in the sweet spot between what I’d spent years doing as a journalist and what I taught and practised as a content marketer.

Having a book that brings you ROI on your time, energy and investment isn’t just about having a book. It’s about how you position, write and package that book. And that’s not a strategy you can slap on once you’ve written it as an afterthought – it’s all got to be baked in from the start.

Great books create long-term success for their authors by getting these 4 things right:


Best-selling, legacy-level books call in your dream reader and get them to take the next step.  They’re based on solid research – they meet a demand in the market and are positioned clearly in terms of how they solve it.


Powerfully written books create a connection with their audience – and they do this by sharing stories and insights that make abstract concepts feel tangible whilst also differentiating them from other experts and growing know, like and trust 


Books that bring long term ROI have a marketing strategy that goes beyond a fleeting Amazon Bestseller’s Badge, and is designed to drive new traffic to your book funnel, week in, week out.


The last page of your book becomes just the first step of their journey with you, when you write a book that has both strategy and soul and is aligned with your business goals.

The book you want to write will fly out fast, when you make becoming an author this year a non-negotiable.

And when you have a partner by your side; an experienced book strategist, mentor, wordsmith and storyteller, with a MAP and all the tools you need to go from idea to published author

plus the accountability to get it done,

that’s when your book dream becomes a reality.

And that happens right here:


Fast-track your progress to write and publish THE Book that opens new doors and skyrockets your authority, and know exactly how to plan the book funnel that drives dream clients towards your signature offer, so it continues to bring the ROI you desire. 

Inside this 20 week program you will:

Nail your book’s Big Idea and Irresistible Promise that hits that sweet spot between what your dream reader wants and what you want your book to achieve

Create your own Author Plan with milestones, deadlines and weekly actionable steps to help you get your manuscript finished in as little as three months, and out into the world fast.

Craft a well-structured and deliciously detailed working outline to make your writing time 100 times easier and more productive.

Get my eyes on your writing with personal feedback on up to 1,000 words each week to keep your writing tight, focused and avoid spiralling in the wrong direction.

Find your true writing voice, so your book sounds like you, feels like you and says what you really want it to say.

Choose a knock-out title and subtitle so they’ll buy your book in a heartbeat.

Map out the book funnel that’ll turn those  readers into dream clients and collaborators.

And get the support, accountability, feedback and guidance which gets your book written faster and without the overwhelm

What you’ll get

An intimate cohort, which guarantees your book will get my eyes-on attention

Weekly mentoring calls for real time manuscript makeovers and getting your questions answered

2 energy clearing session to shift any writer’s blocks and keep the words flowing when you hit the mid-way hump

Competitor analysis and market research sheets to help you spot the gaps and opportunities you can harness to make you and your book stand out

Easy to follow writing frameworks that make structuring and writing each chapter a breeze

Master the compelling art of storytelling and the writing formulas and formatting techniques that will make your book unputdownable.

Be guided through the exact steps to plan, write and publish a book that stands out against traditionally published books in your niche


Pro Book Marketing Tactics

with the Brains Behind Celebrity Bestellers

Vickie Boff, is the former  head of marketing at leading publishing House Hodder & Stoughton, and the marketer behind bestsellers such as Deliciously Ella, Jodie Piccoult and John Grisham. I’m so delighted to be collaborating with Vickie who has created an exclusive book marketing training just for Authors Dot Ink to ensure you get the inside track on the dos and don’ts of marketing a successful book. 

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • Learn the pro marketing tricks for how to launch your book with a bang
  • Create a solid marketing plan that will keep your book selling months after launch
  • Discover the insider tricks to getting your book found by more ideal readers on Amazon
  • The activities that really boost your book sales and author credibility for the longterm (hint: it’s not getting an Amazon Bestseller badge)

EXTRA BONUS: You’ll also get access to an exclusive Q&A session with Vickie to get answers to your burning book marketing questions.

The Authors Dot Ink Curriculum

Authors Dot Ink consists of four Modules that make up our core signature Authors Dot Ink Framework: Strategy, Soul, Story and Switch.

Each component is designed to help you write a strategic book that creates connection, positions you as the authority in your field, and turns your dream readers into dream clients and collaborators.

Here’s what you’ll find inside Author’s Dot Ink:


phase 1: Strategy

Writing the Right Book in the Right Order

DAYS 1-30

To drive sales, create a book funnel that works and get the results you desire from becoming an author, your book needs strong foundations. 

In this phase you’ll:


  • Tailor your Author Plan to fit your capacity, schedule, and how and when you want to publish, so all you have to do is focus on each stage of your book project without stressing over what’s next
  • Write a book that does more than look good on your bookshelf, by getting clear on the Big Idea that speaks to your dream reader and positions you a stand-out authority in your subject area
  • Understand your market and how to make your book stand out so everyone recommends it
  • Create a no-brainer premise and exact irresistible hook framework used by leading published authors to create a promise your dream reader can’t resist
  • Craft a  deliciously detailed working outline that will make the writing process 100 times faster, easier and way less overwhelming

phase 2: Soul

Clear Your Writing Blocks & Give Your Words a Heartbeat

This is how you find your voice and write a book that really sounds like you, and says what you want to say, the way you want to say it.

In this phase you’ll:

  • Experience a powerful Energy Clearing Session to shift any residual unconscious energy blocks that stop you from showing up as you and  sabotage your progress 
  • Discover the practical methods methods that help you access more creativity and the tools that will make your more productive
  • Learn my powerful process for finding your natural writing voice which will make the words flow faster and your reader feel like they know you already

phase 3: Story

How to Get it Written, Better, Clearer, Faster and On Time

WEEKS 3-12

Good writing is both an art and a science, which means when you know all the tricks up a professional writer’s sleeve, getting your book written is more fun, more creative and far less  time-consuming and confusing.

In this phase you’ll learn:


  • How to use your favourite books and authors to become a better writer
  • An insanely simple but super effective way to structure a chapter for maximum impact
  • The most effective writing formulas that make you write faster and make your content more impactful
  • Compelling techniques to give your writing fizz 
  • The number one mistake that will turn your reader off (and how to fix it)
  • The one thing that will set your book apart from the competition and how to really leverage your book’s uniqueness
  • Why your introduction is the most important part you’ll write, exactly how to write it and how it will make your dream reader more likely to actually read your book


  • You’ll also learn how to revise, improve, and self-edit your manuscript, and the tools and professionals you can work with to turn it into a high-quality book that no-one would ever guess was self-published

phase 4: Switch

An 8-Week Implementation Mastermind to Help You Switch You Dream Readers into Dream Clients and Collaborators

WEEKS 13-20

Now your book is written, it’s time to get it published, with a powerful marketing frameworkd to support it so it brings in ROI on evergreen.

During this mastermind phase you’ll:

  • Learn the Essential Pro Book Marketing Tactic from the marketer behind massive bestsellers by household names like Deliciously Ella and Jodie Piccoult, as well as join a live Q&A with Vickie to get all your book marketing questions answered
  • Get access to trainings that take you step-by-step through the self-publishing process (for you or your assistant to follow)
  • Create an irresistible reader magnet that will get dream readers on to your email list
  • Map out the book funnel that will drive them towards your signature offer
What I love the most is the encouragement and support of this wonderful and kind community. Cate really makes you feel seen and heard with your soul’s book project and supports you in overcoming doubts and imposter syndrome.

– Sandra Rhodes, author of A Journey with Tides

Cate is a powerhouse for fine-tuning your text, puzzle out where to place your stories, and adding the finishing touches of a word here and there that make you realise “Yes! THAT’s what I meant to say”. She also has the whole background of your business interest and marketing strategy in the back of her mind, and will link you back to your possibilities in each conversation.”

 – Angelika Collisi, Leadership Coach and Book Client

Your Investment




£1170 x 6


£600 x 12

Here are the Answers to the Most Common Questions

Do I have to write my book in 12 weeks?

The programme is 12 weeks focus on planning and writing, with 8 weeks focus on getting ready to publish and marketing, but this is just a guide and the period of time when the live support will be available. Of course you don’t have to get it all done in that timeframe, and you will continue to have access to all course trainings and materials for 24 months.

How do I access the training?

The trainings are pre-recorded and each module will be drip released as you progress through the programme.

What kind of support do I get on the calls?

The calls are a mixture of drop-in, mentoring/ feedback and accountability/ co-working. You can submit questions/ pages for review in advance (at least 24 hours), and all calls will be recorded and time-stamped for those who are unable to make the calls live. 

When do the calls happen?

All calls with Cate will take place on Thursdays at 11am British Time on Zoom. The Luminous closes completely for two weeks over the Christmas period, and so if your container falls over this time, two weeks support will be added on to the end of your container. There may be other times when calls don’t run due to annual holidays etc, but alternative support will be in place for those weeks.

Can you help me with the publishing process?

There are step-by-step trainings inside the programme to show you exactly what needs to happen in order to get your book published on to Amazon. But if you would like us to do this for you, we do offer a done for you service through The Luminous Press.

“I’ve had my solo book on my vision for quite some time, and for a year now I’ve been trying to work out what the book would be about. Then I got on a call with Cate. In just 90 minutes she broke down all of my ideas and organised them in such a way that set a path for me to get started. I now know exactly what my book needs to be and what will go into every single chapter.”

– Book Coaching Client, Raimonda Jan, Founder of Women Thrive Media

Your book is waiting to be written, let’s get it off your vision board and written in 2024!

Hi, I’m Cate

Book coach, author, ghostwriter, ex-journalist, founder of The Luminous Press (and former traditional publishing snob turned self-publishing convert). I spent 15 years writing and editing for top glossy magazines like Country Living and Woman and Home. I interviewed many A-List celebs and household names like Sir Roger Moore, Mary Berry, Jo Malone, Sir David Attenborough and others. But books and publishing were always my first love, and after leaving magazines and doing content for a large food brand, in 2018, I decided to start a business helping entrepreneurs do their content. And because so many

of those clients were writing books, I ended up editing and consulting on more than 12 self-published non-fiction books, ghostwriting four (as well as finally managing to squeeze in one book of my own).

The thing I learnt during that time is that no matter how well you write your book, so many self-published books are flash in the pan, and what tends to happen is that after a big Amazon bestseller campaign, they fizzle and die. So, after years of analysing my favourite authors who’d used books as launch pads to sell thousands of programmes and speak on the biggest stages, I realised that the key to a great business book, lay in the sweet spot between what I’d spent years doing as a journalist and what I taught and practised as a content marketer. This led me to create a sort of book formula for the self-published expert, so they too can write a book that explodes their business, without having to wait around for a book deal or winging it.

Your Investment

 To get your authority-building book planned, written and published this year with support

and without waiting for a book deal (or doing it blind)




£1170 x 6


£600 x 12

Want to talk it through?

If this feels really tempting, but you just need to check it’s definitely the right fit for you, whizz me a voice note, and I’ll answer all your Qs.

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